Review - Carbonite ~ Backup Your Valuable Digital Files and Memories Quickly, Securely and Automatically

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This post brought to you by Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.

If there's one lesson in life I've learned the hard way, it is that you should ALWAYS have your digital data (photos, documents, etc.) stored in AT LEAST two places at one time.  I've had pretty good luck with computers so far and have never had a dud...until about a year and a half ago.  We had just purchased a new desktop computer and I had ALL of my valuable memories, music, etc. stored on it and it alone.  Suddenly, with no warning and for no reason, the hard drive in my brand new desktop failed!  Riley was only 5 months old at the time and I was devastated!  Everything was gone!  We even sent our hard drive away to the "experts" who were going to try and recover all of our information off of it, but they said that the failure was so bad, that it would cost at least $900 to fix and even then, they couldn't guarantee what they could retrieve!  Luckily, by the time I pieced together what things I had burned to CDs and still had stored on digital cameras and camcorders, it seems that I only lost about 2 weeks worth of pictures.  I cried and cried and was crushed for months after that, but at least I hadn't lost EVERYTHING!  So now, I take backing up all of my data very seriously and so was thrilled to discover a super easy unlimited online backup solution for both PCs and Macs with Carbonite.

Carbonite Online Backup


Carbonite takes the worry out of losing valuable digital media by constantly backing up the documents, pictures, music and emails on your computer whenever it is connected to the internet.  This computer backup is accessible anytime, anywhere and is completely automatic, secure, simple and unlimited for only $59 per year.

In order to see just how simple and easy backing up your valuable files can be, Carbonite is offering a 15-day free trial with two free months upon sign up, just mention coupon code "BLOGAD" when registering.  They even offer mobile apps which allow you to safely and securely access your precious files via your phone so you can share and enjoy your irreplaceable photos and documents while on the go.  Since 2005, Carbonite has recovered over 7 billion files that would otherwise have been lost forever.  Let them do the same for you for just $59 per year!

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