Action for Education Pledge Sponsored by AMEX and Donor's Choose

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As a former teacher, the condition of our public education system is a cause I hold very near and dear.  I just learned about this unique and fabulous way to help our underfunded schools.  I made my pledge today and it didn't cost me a thing, but it helped bring us closer to receiving the $1 million dollar donation! Be a part of America's 100,000 pledges today!

I thank you in advance for your attention to this well-deserving cause!

Donors Choose for EducationI’m sure it comes as no surprise that education in America is in a state of crisis. Many of our students are performing well below average, schools are struggling to find resources for their classrooms and children around the country are failing to get the tools necessary for future success.

I’m writing today to ask that you consider using your influence online to help mobilize Americans to take action to support education.  The result will be $1,000,000 to benefit Donor’s Choose, a non-profit helping fund in-classroom projects throughout the country.

In partnership with NBCs Education Nation, American Express has issued a challenge asking for 100,000 Americans to pledge to take action for education. If they get 100,000 pledges by the end of this week (Friday, October 1st) they will donate $1 million to Donor’s Choose-- that’s $10 per pledge. Pledging only takes a minute. You can find the pledge on Facebook here:  

Please help spread the word and ask your friends and networks to make their pledge today. We need your pledge by this Friday to ensure the $1 million donation.


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