Is Your Cable Bill Skyrocketing? Well, Maybe It's Time to Give DISH Network a Try

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I have to admit that at this time, I'm a little sick of my cable bill.  Every few months, the bill seems to creep upward just a little, thanks to some new price increase or fee.  Although, I love the convenience of cable, I am beginning to feel  that I am being taken advantage of, financially, which is why I've recently considered moving to DISH Network and one of their many channel packages.

Why consider DISH Network Packages?  Well, first and foremost, they offer twice as many packages as other television providers, with FIVE packages under $50 per month!

Personally, I would love to give the DISH Network America's Top 250 package a try, for it comes complete with more than 260 channels, including 18 movie channels and HD.  This package is perfect for the household that wants to enjoy the most variety in TV available.  America's Top 250 gives you everything America's Top 200 offers plus over 55 additional channels, including 15 additional movie channels. You'll also get favorites like The Hub and History International as well as expanded news channels.  I like this package for it also includes the Chiller channel, and because I'm a sucker for scary movies and the like, I can't be without my Chiller!

After giving the DISH Network Channels a quick once over, I discovered that some of the packages they offer are actually almost 50% less than the packages offered by my cable company!  That's outrageous!  Monthly savings like that can add up rather quickly, and with the holidays right around the corner, I may have to make the leap to DISH Network.  What's more, DISH Network guarantees their pricing will stay the same for 2 years, so that I no longer have to notice the small, incremental price increases on my bill every few months.

So, what do you think?  Have you had both satellite and cable television systems?  Which do you prefer and why?  

Disclosure: I received compensation from Satellite Solutions for publishing this post.


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