Say Bye-Bye to Double and Triple Coupons at Kroger! But These Grocery Stores Still Participate



Are North Texans more extreme in their couponing practices or is Kroger just testing out a new policy?

According to The Consumerist, the major supermarket chain announced effective yesterday it would no longer allow customers to double and triple store coupons in North Texas stores, a practice that lets shoppers multiply the face-value savings of coupons.

Kroger earlier this year stopped the practice in Houston, saying they'd move discounts from coupons into overall savings on groceries.

Fortunately, Kroger isn't the only supermarket that accepts doubling and tripling. Some major chains and their policies include: 

A&P - Allows doubling only.

Food Lion - May limit the quantity of coupons accepted.

IGA - Coupons for cigarettes and liquor can't be doubled.

Kmart - Doubles and triples some coupons. You can also use their online coupons when shopping at

Piggly Wiggly - May stack a Piggly Wiggly coupon with a manufacturer's coupon.

Safeway - Policy varies between stores, but most accept with limitations.

ShopRite - (Includes PriceRite) Double-coupon policies vary by store but, in general, will double up to four identical coupons.

Meijer - Can combine a Meijer coupon with a manufacturer coupon, and they also have online coupons for use at

Wegmans - Policy varies between stores, but most accept with limitations.

Winn Dixie - Doubles all manufacturer coupons up to 50 cents, except in Florida, New Orleans metro area and some parts of Alabama.

The Kroger Corporation has stores in most states and also owns Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Pay Less, Ralphs, and Tom Thumb.

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2 Responses to Say Bye-Bye to Double and Triple Coupons at Kroger! But These Grocery Stores Still Participate!

    Karen Propes Says:


    It’s so funny because they still get credit from the manufacturer, no matter what the customers saves. The coupons are given by the manufacturer to use, is it that bad at the grocers that they can’t let us use coupons because they’re taking a loss? Just doesn’t add up for me. Who is it really hurting. Do the grocers know that they are shooting themselves in the leg. I will go to a store that has liberal coupon practices, I don’t need to waste my time at grocers that think they have to put rules on manufacturer coupons. I know that they can issue rules for their store, but I can easily go to a store that dosen’t feel the need to rule the way a customer shops or put rules on coupons, single, double or triple!!!!!!

      Melissa Says:


      I completely agree Karen! I used to work at a grocery store when I was a teenager and we were told that grocery stores do get compensation from the mfg. for taking their coupons, so I don’t understand the stricter policies either. Also, I’ve shopped at Kroger for a long time and I haven’t noticed this new “storewide savings” they are supposed to be passing on to the consumers since stopping the double/triple coupons. Oh well! :thumbs down: Unfortunately, I don’t clip coupons as much as I once did, but when I do have coupons to use, it will be at one of the stores that still honors the double and triple coupons!

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