Top 3 Reasons Why Your Next Bottle of Wine Should be Organic Wine

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Getting Crunchy with KatieMy first experience with organic wine was in Napa Valley, California.  My mom and I started our wine tasting day at an organic winery.  We were not impressed at all.  For the past three years, I’d written off organic wines as being mediocre, not worth spending money on when there are so many more delicious wines to be experienced.  One trip to a local wine store completely changed my perception.

I purchased 4 different brands of organic wine.  My husband was reluctant when we opened the first bottle. He always rolls his eyes when something is “organic,” as he puts it.  We each took a sip of the wine and simultaneously popped open our eyes.  The organic wine was delicious!  I took a few more sips to make sure I was not dreaming.  My husband was even pleasantly surprised.  The other brands were just as good!  I could not believe that I could purchase delicious, organic wine for less than $12 per bottle.  Score!

Organic Wine

Here are three aspects of organic wine that will also win you over:

Organic wines are free of added sulfites – The fermenting process does produce natural sulfites (very minimal), but most organic wineries do not add additional sulfites.  Sulfites are used as preservatives and are usually the cause for headaches from red wine.

Organic wines use organic grapes – If you currently buy organic produce, then it makes sense to also drink organic wine.   Imported grapes are on the Dirty Dozen List, which means that imported grapes have high levels of pesticides.   Some wineries import their grapes from out of state or out of the country, so you might not know the origin of the grapes.

Organic wines are affordable – The local wine store carried 5 different brands that were all under $12.  When you can spend the same amount of money on conventional or organic wine, which one would you choose?

I hope these three reasons will help you to realize that your next bottle of wine should be organic.  Organic wine is not intimidating!  It is delicious and affordable!  If I won my husband over with organic wine, I know that you will also love it.

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