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Posted by: Melissa @ Mommy Living the Life of Riley on April 16th, 2012    Filed in: Featured Posts, My Ramblings...

I've been blessed so far to have a lot of unexpected, sweet moments as a family.  Both my husband and my daughter are two of the sweetest and kindest souls on this planet and not a day goes by that I don't feel truly loved by them.  That's a super sweet moment in itself!  But when I was asked to recall my favorite unexpected sweet moment with my family, the one that immediately sprung to mind happened on the day my daughter was born.

You see, even though technically a man and wife are considered family, there's just something about solidifying that union with a child that makes the whole picture of family, for me, final and complete.  Now there's nothing unexpected about actually MEETING my daughter.  I mean, when you're pregnant we all know that day is going to arrive...eventually.  But what completely blew me away that day was the immediate and inexplicably strong bond I experienced with her during the moment we met for the first time, face to face.


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