Where Do You Stand On the Cuteness of Babies vs. Puppies?


This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have to begin this post by saying that I myself am still undecided on who would win the battle of the cutest creature alive, Puppies vs. Babies.  You see, having one of each gives me a unique vantage point on why both a puppy or a baby could easily win this contest, or just as easily could lose it.

There's absolutely no denying how cute and cuddly a furry little puppy can be.  Their huge, soulful eyes and cold, wet nose coupled with a wagging tail that can shake their entire rear end is completely adorable.  You also can't forget a small pup's playful mannerisms and fierce loyalty to their caretaker either.

Of course, sometimes this cuteness can be tainted by the things that puppies do which aren't so very cute.  Bad breath, frequent accidents and chewing a brand new pair of shoes to bits can lose our furry friend some major cuteness points.  Sniffing butts, humping legs and barking incessantly are a few other characteristics of man's best friend which make it look as though the babies will win this cuteness contest hands down.


Ah, babies...those little bundles of joy who coo, laugh and gurgle in all the right places.  They smell wonderful thanks to that "new baby smell", wrap their little fingers around your finger in the most meaningful way and are the bald and wrinkled images of ourselves.  I could just eat baby feet up because those tiny toes are so cute, and a baby's grin can literally melt your heart.

But alas, babies have their share of downsides too, such as bad breath, frequent accidents and chewing a brand new pair of shoes to bits (wait, have I said this before?).  Also, round-the-clock feedings, crying until everyone is red in the face and projectile poop and spit up make babies seem much less appealing at times.

So there you have it...I've basically summed up the battle of the century and am leaving the fate of the Puppies vs. Babies online contest in your hands.  How will you vote?

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