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ManoftheHouse.comAs Father's Day approaches, ManoftheHouse.com has decided to finally settle the debate of which TV dad is the greatest, once and for all.  As soon as I learned of this contest, one TV dad immediately sprang to mind, my favorite, Bill Cosby.  As a child growing up in the eighties, I was a huge fan of The Cosby Show and loved tuning in every week to see the zany hilarity and sobering lessons taught by Bill Cosby.

Now that my husband and I are parents, I'd like to think that Bill Cosby still serves as a parenting role model to us.  I've come to realize that it is a very fine line we walk when raising our children.  We want them to like us as people and as friends, but above everything else, they need to see us as their parents and role models, always there to offer guidance, love and support.  That's the one way that I truly hope to emulate Mr. Cosby.  He was always there to make his children laugh and was a total goofball most times, but his children never confused him for what he was...their parent and not their friend.

I also loved the creative and innovative ways that both him and Claire taught their children valuable lessons.  They would pull out all stops to make sure that their children aptly learned the lessons of right and wrong.  They were also successful people in their respective fields who took time out for themselves to reconnect as a married couple, even though they had five children.

Favorite TV Dad Contest

I don't want to ruin the surprise of which TV dads have been nominated to wear the crown of World's Greatest TV Dad at ManoftheHouse.com, so drop on by and cast your vote.  The voting is being done tournament-bracket style, so you can vote once for each different match-up.  Personally, I voted for every single preliminary match-up and was surprised at some of the leaders so far.  I'd also love to hear which TV dad you think is the world's greatest, so please leave me a comment too and let's see who comes out the winner!


Which TV Dad is your absolute favorite and why?


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