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V-Tech V.ReaderI came across a phenomenal deal today for those of you who may already have or who are thinking of purchasing the VTech V.Reader Interactive E-Reading System.  You may recall that I conducted a product review for this hot new toy a few months ago.  Click here if you'd like to read what my daughter and I thought about the V.Reader.

As I mentioned then in my product review, VTech always had the goal of providing FREE e-books for download to the V.Reader and now that vision has become a reality.

Six free, downloadable e-Books, worth $30, are now available online at VTech’s Learning Lodge download library. VTech’s Learning Lodge is a free online tool that offers downloadable books, games, customized themes and avatars.

Additionally, Learning Lodge allows parents to track their children’s achievement through a customized Progress Log which provides parents with an overview of how their child is progressing through key learning curriculum, all of which are age-appropriate. Online registration is easy and can be accessed by visiting:

V.Reader retails for $59.99 and is available nationwide at key retailers including Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Target, and
In support of National Literacy Month, VTech is donating 10,000 books to kids in need through First Book. To help kids keep reading, make your own donation at


Great Children's Items from VTech:

Disclosure: No compensation or entry into a contest was received for posting this information. 
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25 Responses to FREE ~ Download SIX Free E-Books for the VTech V.Reader NOW

    Kristy Spears Says:


    I’m assuming this freebie has already ended? When I go to the site, I only see the selection to download the Learning Lodge Navigator, but not any actual books. THanks for your review!

    jennifer Says:


    no it hasn’t ended! once you download the learning lodge navigator and register your product and create an account it gives you the coins to download the books…

    Jessica Says:


    I bought this for my daughter last night, but wasn’t planning on opening it until Christmas. Are the free books only for a limited time?? Or will they still be available then?? Just wondering if I should go ahead and open it now and add these books……..

      Melissa Says:


      Hi Jessica,

      To my knowledge, the free books offer doesn’t have an expiration date. All you need to do is register your V-Reader and then download their software and your account will be credited with 6 “coins”. These coins can then be traded in for six free downloads of your choice. I surely wouldn’t think that this promotion would end before Christmas and believe that it is something VTech will continue to do for a while. Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great holiday!

    Dawn Says:


    I purchased the v.reader for my son for Christmas about a month ago. Now I see the item in the stores with the 6 free book offer. Should I return the one I have or will the books be available with the one I have?

      Melissa Says:


      Hi Dawn,

      The free 6 book offer applies to ANY v. Reader purchase, including those made months ago. Just register your v. Reader with VTech and you will get the 6 free coins which can be used to purchase titles from their online selection of books. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

    Dawn Says:


    Thanks for your response. That will save me having to return and repurchase. I cannot wait to see my 5 year old play with it Christmas morning. I have heard a lot of positive comments about it.

    Tiffany Says:


    Hi, I purchased the V reader last night and everytime i try to download the vreader setup wizard to my computer I keep getting an error message. Do I have to have the vreader hooked up to the computer first before trying to download?

      Melissa Says:


      Hi Tiffany,

      No, I don’t think so. I’ve had my v.reader for a while now, so I’m not exactly sure, but I think the software download has nothing to do with the v.reader itself. Now once you try syncing the v.reader you bought to the software application, you’ll need to hook up the v.reader, but I’m pretty sure the program prompts you to do that. I never had any problems downloading the software from the v.reader website. Do you have another computer you could try it on to see if that solves the problem?

    lacey lodge Says:


    i have a problem trying to get the downloads it says i need a sb memory stick..i dont even see where one would be put in the vreader…if you could text me asap with the answer that would be great…706 616 8530.thanks

      Melissa Says:


      Hi Lacey,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. In order to install a memory card for your v.Reader, you have to remove the plastic piece over the battery compartment. If you look carefully where the batteries are, you’ll see a slot to input a memory card. Once you have a memory card installed, you should be able to download your books with no problems. Have a great day!

    Mary Nelson Says:


    Where can I find the advertised, six free downloadable books, for my granddaughter’s v-reader that i bought her for Christmas? I have tried every link but to no avail.

      Melissa Says:



      You must download the software for the v.Reader from VTech. When you register your v.Reader, you will get six free coins which can be used to purchase six free downloads of your choice from the online store that is accessible via the software. Thanks!

    Alisia Rodriguez Says:


    where do i purchase the memory card??

      Melissa Says:


      There isn’t a special memory card you need. Any SD card will work. I used an old one I had lying around the house that I used to use for an old digital camera.

    Alisia Rodriguez Says:


    Thx sooo much. I had one that i had purchased with 2 cards….so i dont have to use a used on..I had called vtech and was on hold for almost an hr. I just gave up!!

    Amy Becker Says:


    Howdo I register my daughter`s V-tech to get the free 6 books

      Melissa Says:


      It’s been a while since I did this, but I’m fairly sure that you need to sign up for a Club VTech membership here: Then, download the software. During one of those two steps, it will ask you if you have any VTech products, and I believe that’s when you will register your product. The six coins will then be deposited into your account. First, you must set up an account with VTech for the coins to be deposited into. Hope this helps!

    Patti Flynn Says:


    Ijust wanted to say thank you for the site. I could not figure out where to go or how to find downloadable e-books for my son’s new V Reader. Thanks again,


      Melissa Says:


      Hi Patti,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m so glad that I was able to help…it is definitely confusing at first, but hopefully, once you get the software downloaded, you’ll be installing them super easy from here on out. Have a great weekend!

    Liz Says:


    Hi there, I have registered my granddaughters V.Reader and did not received any coins. Did I do something wrong? Is there something I can still do to receive the coins.

      Melissa Says:


      Hi Liz,

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Do you know whether or not you have downloaded the Learning Lodge software yet? I believe that once you do this AND register the V-Reader, the coins will show up on your account in Learning Lodge. To my knowledge, you won’t receive the coins without downloading the software, for you need this software to actually buy/download additional books online. Hope this helps! :)

    Liz Says:


    Thank you for that information, as it so happen I had not downloaded the software and as soon as I did it all fell into place.

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