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Black Friday

Black Friday is a shopping marathon, and you need to train hard to be in top form on the big day.  Finding Black Friday ads early and planning your shopping strategy is crucial.  In 2010, 212 million shoppers participated in Black Friday.  That’s a lot of competition in the parking lots and in the stores!  The busiest retailers on Black Friday include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Kmart, JC Penney, Sears, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Lowe’s.

If you want to get doorbusters or deals from the most popular retailers on Black Friday, you need to arrive incredibly early and be prepared to wait in line with a mob of other shoppers (unless you opt for shopping from home in your pajamas, of course)!

You may be sleepy from too much turkey on Thanksgiving.  You may be tired after a long weekend interacting with out-of-town guest.  But you have to bring your A-game on Black Friday or you risk being outsmarted in the aisles or missing out on the coveted doorbuster you waited in line all night for.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to get ready for a grueling great day of Black Friday shopping.

Black Friday Preparedness Guide

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38 Responses to Prepare for Black Friday with

    Dawn Says:


    “stay at home in your pjs and shop online” :)

    Claire Says:


    Make a list; check all ads beforehand too!

    Linda Kish Says:


    Dress warm, take coffee, line up early. I know that’s three but they go together.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

    Danetta Says:


    I recommend shopping online and getting what you can that way and if there’s still things you want that you have to go walk the store for, make a list of those items and what store they are at. With lots of items and stores to shop, it can get hard to remember which store had the best deal.

    Debra Elliott Says:


    I hit the major stores first, then the smaller ones last.

    Gary Emes Says:


    Online, online online….loads of deals . Right in your mail a few days later…Did I say online???.

    Margaret Smith Says:


    Since we usually go to more than one store, I keep a list/plan of which store is opened first and what we want from there. If more than one store opens at the same time, I pick the item that I would like to get most and head to that store first.
    Thanks so much.

    amandasue Says:


    If multiple people are going, each divide up and take a store and get what everyone needs at that one store. It saves from each person going to each store.

    Ashley Says:


    Do your research so you don’t have to deal with the crowds for a deal you could get any day of the week!

    Kristie Says:


    Carpool to the shopping places to keep the traffic down…it gets crazy out there!!

    Adrienne gordon Says:


    my best tip is to get a plan with others and spread out

    Allison Says:


    Make a list of items you are wanting – wake up REALLY early :)

    Rebecca Graham Says:


    Check the sale papers and online sites and map out where you are going and take lists, lists, lists.

    Cathy Says:


    My best BF tip is to go early (and avoid the stores where people line up). Thank you for the giveaway!

    momznite Says:


    When you feel like a item is hot and you have to get in on the deal before they sell out, go get a drink of water before you click.

    Dana Says:


    I shop online-many stores have teh same deals online

    Bethany C. Says:


    Go as early as possible and plan to do something that relaxes you at the end of the day.


    Amanda Says:


    My best tip is to always draw out a detailed plan, and start with the stores that are closest to your house.

    Peter S Says:


    My best tip is to leave the Black Friday sales alone and wait for the prices to drop afterwards to something that may not be quite as good, but better. No insane waiting in lines, getting up really early / staying up late. I figure I’ll let others hit the stores and mess around with the traffic. I’m perfectly content to order online or just get more meaningful gifts at a later point.

    Rosanne Morrison Says:


    After many years of getting up early going to Black Friday and freezing my best tip is to stay home and order online

    susanlanai Says:


    Know what you really want and go for those items! It’s hard to try and make it to every Black Friday sale.

    Jackie Stott Says:


    I am not crazy about black friday shopping. The best advice I can give is to go with a good attitude and be kind to others who are out there, too. My motto is “If it’s meant to be, it will be.” This includes finding good deals. But I keep trying. Thank you.

    Kelly D Says:


    My best Black Friday Shopping trip is to deal advantage of deals online to lessen the amount you need to buy in the store.

    Tari Lawson Says:


    I go through the ads and decide what it is I really want. Then I go online to see if they are available there. I have found that more times than not, I can get the item online for the same price with free shipping and I don’t have to wait in line. If the item isn’t available online, then I go to the store just before opening and get in line. When the store opens I head right for the item I want, purchase it and leave.

    Mami2jcn Says:


    My tip is to shop the cyber sales from home!

    randi Says:


    Stay home, eat leftovers & shop online!!

    Denise M Says:


    Do not browse the store, make a game plan before you get there, grab items and leave. This is not the time to go see whats new at Target

    Kim Says:


    My best tip is to have the right attitude – go into it with the thought of having fun and enjoying the experience. If you get some shopping done, great. Don’t get frustrated with the crowds, the parking, etc – you knew what you were getting yourself into!

    Kathleen Says:


    My tip: stay home in your pjs and shop online. You can get most of the same deals without going out in the cold and craziness.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

    Janice Whitaker Says:


    Have a plan and a friend
    [email protected]

    Mary Williams Says:


    Beware, they dont call it “Black Friday” for nothing!!! You may get trampled in department stores and leave black and blue. Shop Amazon from the privacy of your home without any accidents!!

    jennifer horn Says:


    I look over the ads and have a plan before I go that way I only get what I’m going after.

    Heather W. Says:


    I’ve only went a couple of times; but the one thing I learned is to stay as calm as I can. People get mean and ugly! The will take your things out of your cart.

    Kathy Stevenson Says:


    Get to the store before they open to stand in line or all of the good stuff will be gone!

    Jessie C. Says:


    Shop online to avoid crowd, use coupon code and don’t forget to go through cash back sites.

    Liz Robinson Says:


    My tip is to know exactly what you want and do not get distracted at the store.

    Dahbou Says:


    Last year was my first Black Friday experience but won’t be my last. My best tip is:

    Bring another person who is willing to do things you for such as bring you coffee and/or breakfast while you are waiting in line, go back to car to get something you forgot, go to another part of the store to pick up an item while you stand in line, etc.

    My brother was our go-fer last year and it worked out very well. We purchased items he wanted and he didn’t have to stand in line!

    Ashleigh Walls Says:


    Go through the ads after Thanksgivivng dinner and make a checklist with your family on who wants what and help each other shop!

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