Top 11 Ways to Use Plastic Sleeves and Pouches for the Money-Saver

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Plastic sleeves can be used as a pooper scooper bag, travel bag, or a yard sale bag.  They can substitute for work gloves or an umbrella cover and serve as an extra beach bag or shoe holder. A plastic sleeve can provide dry feet protection, be used as a CD container or photo sleeve, and act as a covering for small appliances.

A plastic sleeve and plastic pouch are simple things that are utilized for protecting different objects. They comes in various sizes, thicknesses, and colors. The ways you can will use the depend on the finish of the plastic sleeve or pouch. Use one that is finished clear or polished clear if the pouch or sleeve is used for presentation or storing things like collector items and documents. Other finishes are rough, are waterproof, and have a low visual distortion. You can also find plastic sleeves with a thicker cover. Those are ideal for holding menus or any other important things that need durable, see-through packaging. Without a doubt, plastic sleeves are a money-saver.

Pooper scooper bags

Plastic sleeves, especially plastic newspaper sleeves, can be reused as scoopers for your pooch’s droppings. They are great for leisurely walks at the park with your dog. Leaving droppings in a public place is a big no-no. Just simply slip-on the plastic sleeve and pick up the dog droppings. Turn the bag inside out and toss it in a garbage bin.

Travel bags

Avoid spillage in your luggage by placing stuff like shampoo, lotions, and other liquids into a plastic sleeve. Don’t forget to tie the bag shut!

Yard sale bags

Organizing your yard sale items is a great way to attract customers. Place little things in a plastic newspaper sleeve so you don’t have to spend money for plastic zipper bags. Just a simple tie around the bag will do the trick.

Work gloves

Do you need gloves for gardening or other household chores? Just put on two plastic newspaper sleeves and voila! You now have free, instant work gloves.

Umbrella cover

A plastic newspaper sleeve is a good substitute for lost umbrella covers. Before tucking your umbrella in your bag or glove compartment, secure it inside a newspaper sleeve with a rubber band to keep water from leaking out.

Extra beach bag

After a swim at the beach, we always have to deal with wet clothes and where to put them. Plastic sleeves are good tools for this purpose.

Shoe holder

Travelers can surely use this tip. Use plastic sleeves as containers for shoes. They will protect your clothing from dirty soles.

Dry feet protection

Protect your child’s feet during rainy and muck days through sliding a plastic sleeve over each foot after putting on his socks. This will provide him an extra layer of protection and dryness. It will also help him avoid stinky feet.

CD container

There are plastic sleeves that are especially designed as CD packages. They will protect your precious collection from scratches and dust.

Photo sleeve

We all want to have our photographs look the same for years. Plastic sleeves can be a neat way to store photographs. You can store photos individually, back-to-back, or as albums.

Coverings for small appliances

There is a type of plastic sleeve that can be used for covering small appliances such as game consoles and remote controls. This is preferred compared to coverings made of cloth because dust can’t seep through the plastic and they are lightweight.



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