Top 3 Essential Things to Consider when Buying a Futon

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Before buying a futon, it is necessary to consider these things: purpose of buying your futon; needed size of futon; and, choice of futon style.

A futon originated as a Japanese simple mattress. It is intended to be rolled-up and kept during daytime. Nowadays. a futon would refer to a frame, which is either made of metal or wood, that is used as a support for a futon pad or a mattress. There are various sizes of futons available and they are different in terms of uses too. A futon is commonly used in a den, in a kids’ room, in a guest room, and in a family room. It can also suffice the need for a bed in dormitories and apartments. In other words, a futon is known for its versatility in terms of function. In order to have the best choice of futons, consider these essential things:

Purpose of buying your futon

The kind of futon you will buy will greatly depend on its planned use.  It is necessary that you determine its foremost function. Figure out if you need it for sitting, sleeping or lounging.The good thing about having a futon bed is that it functions as a sofa and as a bed, giving you the option of using for sleeping or for sitting.

It is helpful to identify as to where you will use it too. Whether you place it for use in a guest room or in a child’s room. Knowing the purpose of the futon will help you in choosing the appropriate kind of frame. It will also help you choose the right quality of mattress to be used along with the futon. If you plan to use a futon for sleeping, then a wood frame is most suitable since it provides for a firm surface. A thick mattress would go well with it too.

Needed size of futon

The first step in identifying the size of the futon you need is to measure your space. It is important to note that a futon bed will occupy a large space when it is opened fully. Take for example a futon chair that becomes the size of a twin bed once you open it up. A futon is available in various sizes. It can come in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Choice of futon style

Futons are available in contemporary and traditional styles. Their frames are made of either wood or metal. A frame made of hardwood creates a traditional look, while a frame made of metal projects a contemporary look. Having a combination of wood and metal frame is also an attractive option. Futon covers are highly important, so give utmost consideration in your choice of cover styles. Just as you would in choosing for a sofa fabric.



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