Top 3 Practical Tips to Keep Rain Out of Screened Porches

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Rainwater entering your porch not only damages the materials from which it was built, it also prohibits you from relaxing in it. Thus, screened porches should be provided with the best protection available, such as installing an extendable overhang; using storm windows; and installing a floor drainage.

Whether it’s for weekend get-together, exercise, entertainment, or dining, a screened porch is an ideal place to relax and enjoy. It is where you get to see the wonders of nature, play with the kids, sing karaoke, water flowers in pots, read books, and take afternoon siestas. But this may not be the case when it rains. Here are practical tips to keep rains out of your screened porches:

Installing extendable overhang

This is perhaps the most resourceful way of preventing your porch from getting wet. Though intense rain accompanied by horizontal winds might penetrate this line of defense, it protects your porch from vertical rainfall. While overhang designs on the market are quite expensive and require professional installation, a do-it-yourself overhang is easy to make, and at the same time, cost-effective. Attach tarp to the porch ceiling and tie the ends to a strong pole. Position it in such a way that it extends several feet from the roof for maximum protection. You can roll it up and down, whenever necessary.

Using storm windows

Like houses with screened windows, screened-in porches may also be installed with storm windows. They are expensive but a one-time investment on them can save you from the hassles during a storm. Glass with locking clips is usually attached with the storm windows to protect your porch from dripping wet. Though they do not guarantee a hundred percent leak-free and sturdy quality, they provide the best protection there is for your porch.

Installing a floor drainage

When rainwater persists in entering into your porch, have a floor drainage installed. Although this does not keep the rain out, this somehow protects your porch floor from being damaged too fast. Wooden floors are easy to have a drainage system installed. Begin by creating a hole in it through using a jigsaw, and then use a decorative drain cover to fit through the hole. Install a gutter from underneath the hole to channel the water outside, rather than just under it. For concrete floors, professional help is necessary. Through installing drainage, you can prevent your floor from soaking in rainwater.

Screened porches add up to a beautiful home. So, it is very important to take good care of them. You will not only save your time, but, it also prevents any hassle in dealing with damages caused by penetrating rains. Not to mention the added cost you will incur in having your whole place being repaired due to rain.



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