Top 3 Realistic Ideas in Getting Organized for School

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Getting organized for school is sometimes a daunting task, especially so when friends around you are more likely to be disorganized. Here are 3 realistic ideas to get better organized: visualize the future; control the present; and learn from the past.

Having a plan to get organized for school will not make it boring. You don’t kill spontaneity by having set tasks and following them. We have to keep it real; we can’t be completely free while in school. There are rules to follow and assignments to do, but this is only so that when we are already out in the real world, we’ll be responsible individuals who know how to be free without losing consideration for other people. Here are some ideas in getting organized for school:

Visualize the future

Think of the end result. Why are you in school? Is being in school better than doing something else? Listen to what older people are saying about school. They’ve been there, they should know. This exercise is for you to have a clear idea in mind on why you are studying. You would always want to get going somewhere when you know something awaits you there, something good for you. And when you have this in mind, however you sway from your current path, you’d always go back to it.

Control the present

This is where you are, school happens every day, and you have to be here. To start off, take school little by little. Although you already have long-term goals, you should also have tangible short-term goals. Make a weekly schedule. This way you can always start fresh every week.

Sunday is called the day of rest for a reason. You will be more prepared for the week ahead if you have a clear Sunday. Try to have your home works finished by Friday and Saturday so that come Sunday you don’t have to cram. Also, doing assignments on Friday and Saturday keeps the lessons still fresh in your mind, and having the workload shared during these two days will leave you enough time to still enjoy the weekends. If you’ve had enough rest during the weekends, Monday won’t be as horrible. There might even be a chance that you’ll look forward to it, having missed your friends at school and being confident because you’re prepared. When you’ve went through Monday alive, the rest of the week will just pass by in a breeze.

Learn from the past

Always, when something turns out contrary to the way you wanted them to be, make the situation an advantage still. Make use of the experience. It’s a fact, if you make the same mistake again, you’d feel worse than the first time—so don’t let that happen. Of course it’s natural for us to commit mishaps every now and then because we’re not all-knowing beings, but the least we can do is see to it that our errors are always original each time and never intentional.



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