Top 3 Ways of Avoiding Bunk Bed Injuries

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Here are three ways of avoiding bunk bed injuries: practice safety behavior, ensure safe construction, and attention to added considerations.

Injuries are common in kids with bunk beds in their rooms. Common and rampant these injuries may seem, yet, they can still be prevented to happen. It is just a matter of doing some ways to limit if not totally avoid incidence of doctor visits due to falls or head bumps brought about by bunk beds. Below are some helpful ways:

Practice safe behavior

Here are some safety behavior practices that should be strictly followed:

  • you should not leave your children below 6 years old unaccompanied in rooms with bunk beds. A fall is a common injury that happens because of bunk beds, and is highly to occur in kids below six years old.
  • horseplay is a no-no for kids, either on or under the bed.
  • only one kid is allowed on top of the bunk bed.
  • don’t let your kids hang items on bunk beds like ropes, belts, etc. This is to prevent any strangulation to occur.
  • make sure to reinforce to your kids of the safety policy you have given them. It is better not to presume that your kids know and have remembered completely what you told them with regards to safety rules.

Ensure safe construction

It is your lookout that you child’s bunk bed should have a safe construction. These are the factors you need to consider:

  • the top bunk bed should have a guardrail. The opening for entrance and exit should not exceed 15 inches.
  • the top bunk’s rails should be about 5 inches from the mattress’ surface.
  • make sure that the size of your mattress is the appropriate one. Don’t use a larger or a smaller one to prevent your child from falling.
  • ensure that the ladder is strong enough to accommodate your child in going up and down it.
  • the ladder should not have hanging items or clutter.

Attention to added considerations

Apart from the ones mentioned above, here are additional things to be considered too:

  • don’t position a bunk bed under a ceiling fan.
  • don’t place it directly under a lighting fixture.
  • ensure that there is enough space for your kid to sit on the bed without bumping or hitting his head.
  • don’t use water mattress  for your kid’s bunk bed.
  • a nightlight is necessary especially for the child sleeping on the top bunk.
  • avoid using substitute parts for your bunk beds. Instead, have the replacement from either the dealer or manufacturer.
  • don’t remove any earning label as provided on the bunk bed by the manufacturer of bunk beds.

Whether your kids are using full bunk beds or other types of bunk beds, safety holds a very vital aspect in choosing, buying and using these type of beds.



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