Four Major Types of Sunburst Wall Decorations for a Complementing Wall Design

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Major types of sunburst wall decals such as wood, metal, terracotta, and ceramic can complement in designing any wall space.

Sunburst wall decorations are attractive wall decals perfect for wall centerpieces. These have become very popular for their exquisite use of different types of materials. These wall decals can complement your wall depending on the types of materials that the buy sunburst wall decor is made of. Sunburst wall designs can actually be made from incorporating different types of materials. However, below are the major types of materials that are generally used to make a sunburst wall decoration:


Sunburst wall decorations that are made of wood are the most versatile type of material that can be incorporated to any sunburst wall decals. Wood gives any wall space an earthy look. Wood element could also enhance the popular geometric design of sunburst wall decals. It can also give a three dimensional texture. Driftwood are also very popular as an additional accent in most sunburst designed wall decors. Wood designs are also reflecting soft-spoken edges that can complement any furniture styles near the wall.


Metal is the most popular material that is commonly used in sunburst wall decorations. Most sunburst designs are made from brass, iron, bronze, or silver metal.  Since sunburst mirrors are also one of the most popular design, metals such as silver or brass could best complement the whole structure. Metal is also very contemporary and modern. Using this material could complement the modern interior and abstract design of any themed wall. Clocks, sun faces, and mirrors are the most common designs that uses any type of metal materials. Bronze and aluminum metals are also very common materials. These are used to emphasize modern art design that completes your wall furnishings.


Sunburst wall decorations can also be made from terracotta clays. This type of sunburst decal is perfect to complement garden walls of green houses. Such material is perfect for an environment-friendly themed wall. Terracotta sunburst wall decal emphasized a rustic designed centerpiece. Sunburst decals made of terracotta are also very durable and economical. Sculptured terracotta clay can be a very attractive wall hanging as the burnt clay is a very exquisite finished itself. The rustic appeal of terracotta sunburst wall decals is great for both indoor and outdoor use which best complements any garden patio or walk ways.


Though ceramic is not an ideal material used for sunburst wall decals, some designs requires these type of materials to fully accentuate a sunburst design. Ceramic sunburst wall decals are a fragile type of wall hanging that best completes a marble finished wall. These types of sunburst wall decals may not be common but can be very effective to complement sophistication on a themed wall design.

Sunburst wall decoration also adds light and a sense of space to your home. These sunburst diametric designs makes your wall more attractive. It adds more texture to the wall’s flat dimension. Upon using the different types of sunburst wall decals you could surely complement any type of wall designs that suits your taste and style.

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