Top 5 Basic Guidelines for Buying Bar Stools

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Bar stools provide additional attraction to your home, especially in one of the most frequently visited areas in your home — your bar. Here are 5 basic guidelines in figuring out the height of  bar stools you should buy: measure your bar’s height; measure your bar’s length; decide on various bar stool options with comfort and cost in mind; your bar stools should complement the decor of the bar and the room as a whole; and know your budget.

If you have a home bar or a kitchen breakfast bar, you should know that it is one of your guests’ favorite places to hang out when they visit your home. One of the most important things you need in a bar is a stool, and to make it comfortable for you or your guests, you need to have bar stools with the right size. The following are some basic guidelines when buying bar stools:

Measure your bar’s height

The most important thing to consider before buying bar stools is that they should be of the right height. Your stool shouldn’t be too short or too tall. The height of the stool usually depends on the height of the countertop.  You should allow also about 10 to 13 inches between the bar stool seat and countertop. This is the standard rule in the industry designed so that there will be plenty of room for your legs. This will also allow a comfortable space for turning if you choose a swivel design for your bar stool.

Measure your bar’s length

When you measure your bar’s length, you will be able to determine the number of bar stools that you will need. Measure your countertop length. Each seating area should be allowed about 28 inches of space. A 120-inch-long countertop would fit four bar stools comfortably.

Decide on various bar stool options with comfort and cost in mind

There are different kinds of bar stools in the market, and you can choose from any of the following: padded or unpadded, swivel or stationary, arms or armless, back or backless, etc. Take also into account the comfort and the cost. For example, bar stools that swivel may cost more, but they would be easier to use. Armless bar stools may be inexpensive, but they are uncomfortable, so you may opt for bar stools with arms if comfort is more important for you.

Your bar stools should complement the decor of the bar and the room as a whole

A themed bar stool would go well with a themed bar as well. For example, if you have a sports bar, think of bar stools that have a sporty theme. You might want to choose the colors of your favorite team when deciding on the colors. If you have a tiki hut bar, think colorful, campy, tropical island with grass skirts, bamboo, and umbrella drinks when choosing bar stools.

Know your budget

There are expensive and inexpensive bar stools in the market. You should determine how much money you can allocate for your bar stools. This way you will be able to know the number of bar stools you can buy. Your budget will also determine your bar stool options, whether you will buy wood or metal, fabric or leather, etc.

When buying bar stools, do not just choose something that looks comfortable and colorful. Looks are important, but they are not everything. Choose the right size first, and you can let your personal taste take over.



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