Top 5 Effective Methods on How to Keep Accent Rugs in Place

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To keep accent rugs in place, all you have to do is place them under the furniture, put some non-slip rug tapes or strips, apply non-skid rug coating or sprays, put stay-put rug pads underneath them, and sew some Velcro unto the rug for carpet floors.

Whether your floor is laminate, hardwood, tile, carpet or marble, putting accent rugs on your floor is a great idea to decorate your space. They add color and details to your room as well as give a comforting and welcoming atmosphere to it. But, you might have noticed that they keep on moving around especially when you place them in high-trafficked areas like the living room, and you often find yourself always putting them back in places where they belong. But you need not worry about this problem anymore because below are simple solutions in keeping your accent rugs in place:

Place rugs under the furniture

One way to keep rugs from moving and keeping them in place is by placing them under the furniture. Heavy furniture can do the trick. It could be the sofa in the living room, the tables and chairs in the dining room, or the bed. The weight of the furniture will prevent the rugs from wandering on the floor.

Put non-slip rug tapes or strips

Non-slip rug tapes or strips can also be placed at the backside of your rugs to keep them in place. They are available in rolls at affordable prices. They also are removable and have no damaging effects to whatever flooring you have. They also prevent rugs from curling. When using these, make sure your floor and rug are clean and dry so that the adhesives stick properly.  Cut into appropriate lengths and press them at the back. Make sure to place a tape or strip to each side of the rug and in the middle. Remove the liner to expose the other sticky side of the tape before laying the rug on the floor. Test the rug if it still moves. Add more tapes when needed.

Apply non-skid rug coating or sprays

Rug coating and sprays are alternatives to rug tapes and strips. Tapes and strips aren’t machine washable so they strip off quickly when washed. The coating and sprays hold very well so you may not have to reapply them often. They are applied at the back of the rug and when dried it will form a non-slip coating. They also keep rugs in shape and prevent them from shredding.

Put stay-put rug pads under the rug

Rug pads are textured mats made of rubber material that adheres to surfaces. They are excellent in keeping rugs from moving around. They can be purchased at sizes similar to your rug or larger in which you can cut into appropriate sizes yourself. They not only prevent rugs from slipping but they also make rugs easier to vacuum and help prolong its life.

Sew some Velcro unto the rug

Sewing some Velcro at the back of your rugs can keep them in place in carpet flooring. Sew the ‘teeth’ part of the Velcro at the back of your rug and place them on the carpeted floor. The ‘teeth’ will hold on the carpet fiber thus it prevents the rug from moving.



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