Top 5 Fresh Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Here are five fresh ideas to consider when remodeling your bathroom: make the tub the focal point, position a clawfoot tub diagonally, have a cantilevered counter top with a double sink, install a wainscot, and provide a closet for your wardrobe.

There are a hundred ways of improving the look and setup of your bathroom. Employing the services of bath remodeling contractors would be a great idea. You can also hire helpers to assist you when you do most of the work. Whichever the case may be, you have to consider the extent of the project. Moreover, come up with very good ideas to make your bath improvement a worthwhile endeavor.

Make the tub the focal point

When your bathroom is quite small, you must place only a few decorations and make your tub the focal point. The goal here is to give your bathroom a basic layout with an elegant look. You can place the bathroom fittings and fixtures in the center. Add several pieces of glass blocks above the bathtub too. This will allow more light to come in without letting anyone see you while you bathe.

Position a clawfoot tub diagonally

A clawfoot tub is a famous bath fixture. Traditionally of cast-iron materials, the new ones are often made of acrylic. There are several advantages of using an acrylic clawfoot tub, including:

  • It provides a soft feel
  • Scratches can be easily polished
  • It feels warm during winter season
  • It is easier to transport because of its lighter weight

To fit a bathtub in a smaller bathroom, it is advisable to position it diagonally at one end. Doing this will make the room more spacious. It will even create a self-indulgent and comfortable feeling. In fact, you can even hide the drainpipes successfully. If the tub is situated in a way that the one bathing faces the wall, you can simply add a mirror.

Have a cantilevered counter top with a double sink

Having a cantilevered counter top with a double sink is a nice, minimalist design. It is a great space saver without eliminating the aesthetic aspect of a bathroom. It emphasizes the depth of the basin sinks and their distinct fixture features.

Install a wainscot

Install a wainscot to add a classic feel. A wainscot is DIY wall treatment that is made of a hard wood veneer, solid pine, pressed board, or molded plastic. This installation is a good way of protecting your bath walls from moisture. It can also create a complementing look on the bathroom so that the texture of the wainscot harmonizes with the texture and color of the wall. In addition, it can cover scratches or holes found on the walls. You don’t have to worry about the installation since it is astonishingly easy to mount.

Closet for your wardrobe

Most bathrooms do not have storage areas. It is an excellent idea to add a closet for your wardrobe inside your bathroom. Better to have it fixed and make it proportional to your bathroom size.

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