Five Helpful Criteria in Choosing the Best Wooden Bar Stool

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In choosing a wooden stool one must consider the criteria of the stool’s height, spacing, feature, type, and material. These are the helpful things to consider with a bar having a natural ambiance.

Wood bar stools are the best element that is suited for a natural ambiance bar. It enhances the traditional and warmth appearance of a space. Wooden bar stools could also be incorporated with any interior style and design. However, a wooden bar stool must still be carefully chosen to match the exact natural ambiance that you want to achieve for your bar. Consider the criteria below in helping you choose the wooden bar stool that will suit best:


The height of the bar from the floor will be the basis of the bar tool’s height. The standard size would start with 24 inches to 32 inches. Adjustable height of wooden bar stools can also be found in the market. The thickness of the counter and design of the stool will also affect the height of the stool. Shorter stool height is necessary for thick bar counter and stool arm rest. It it also recommended to have a gap between 10 to 13 inches available within the counter top and seat height.


Figure out the area and size of your bar counter. This will be the basis of the number of wooden bar stools that is needed. Measure the length of the bar and divide it by 28 to get the appropriate number of bar stools to use. The quotient will be the number of wooden bar stools that would comfortably fit in your bar. Allow a 26 inches to 30 inches distance from each bar stool to the other. This will impart appropriate spacing.


A wooden bar stool can have a variety of functioning and decorative features. The features would vary from the seat’s shape, back support design, and arm rest. A backless wooden bar stool would save you space. This also goes true to stools with no arm rest. Most wooden bar stools also come with a swiveling seat for added versatility and access. Most wooden bar stools are left polished on its natural color to add a more natural and luster feature. An additional feature would be back stools having foam pads on the seat for comfort.


A wooden bar stool polished on its natural color would show the type of wood used in making the stool. The type of wood used in making the bar stool could be a practical guide in determining which type of wood is the best for you. Most wooden bar stools are made from hard or soft wood. Some popular examples would be mahogany, maple, and oak.


Their are wooden bar stools that are made out purely from wood. Some designs also incorporate other materials such as metal and plastic. Most wooden bar stools applied with a metal bracing is necessary not just for decorative purposes but also for support. Other wooden bar tools are also are also incorporated with plastic materials. The plastic is usually added to serve as a finishing touch and edge protection.

Wooden bar stools would be the perfect stool design that will enhance a natural theme. The wood element is not just cheap but can also be very decorative as well. One can easily buy wooden bar stools from any local furniture shops. Having a wooden bar stool on your bar would truly inspire a natural ambiance.



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