Top 6 Steps to Manually Remove Old Laminate Flooring

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Old laminate flooring glued to the floor can be removed by following these manual steps: Remove the baseboard, examine the floor’s base wall, set and use a circular saw, use a pry bar, scrape the floor, and soften any remaining glue spots.

Renovating your floor can both be costly and tiring. Laminate flooring is less costly compared to other ceramic flooring. However, removing laminate flooring can be expensive too. For cheaper flooring renovation, follow the six steps enumerated below to manually remove laminate flooring by hand:

Remove the baseboard

Remove the baseboard by trimming within the room’s perimeter using a hammer. Pull the flooring gently away from the wall and remove the nails on each block.

Examine the floor’s base wall

Check if your flooring was installed with a caulk joint. It is a type of joint that has a hub-and-spigot end that is installed on the flooring. Remove the caulk joint by cutting it with a knife. Once the joint is removed the flooring can also be easily removed.

Set and use a circular saw

Set a circular saw to the same deepness of your flooring and to cut through it. Cut through the joints and make perpendicular cuts on the flooring to divide the floor into smaller sections. With the smaller sections, it is easier to remove the flooring. While cutting, make sure not to do any damage to the wall that surrounds the flooring perimeter.

Use a pry bar

Use a pry bar by sliding it into the gap of the floor board beginning in the corner of the room. Once the pry bar has been inserted, lift the board and carefully remove it from the base flooring. Work your way across the whole flooring area until all the board is removed. Other tools such as a sledgehammer may be helpful in pulling out hard-to-remove boards.

Scrape the floor

Once all the laminate boards are removed, scrape the floor with a scraper. Quickly scrape all the glue after the boards are removed because this will hardened right away and would be difficult to remove when exposed to air.

Soften any remaining glue spots

Any remaining glue that has hardened can also be easily removed with a soapy water. Simply wet the hardened glue and let the water soak in until the glue has softened. Scrape it away with a scraper. Sand paper is also effective in removing the glue if the glue cannot be easily scraped off.

Removing glued laminate from the concrete is very exhausting. Manually removing the laminate by hand is also no difference except for a fact that it is the most cheapest method of removing laminate flooring. With a lot of care and patience, industriously remove any glue or laminate fragments. Have a flat floor surface ready for a new flooring. Making sure that all the necessary steps are followed, you will never have to spend a large amount of money for renovating your floor again.

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