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Gaddy's Indoor Plant HireDo you run an office in need of a little something extra? Perhaps your overall design is shabby and toned-down. The perfect solution to brighten things up a bit in your office are some attractive indoor plants. Plants can make a drab space feel vibrant and alive while also improving office air quality and enhancing worker productivity. But what plants should you choose?

If you aren't a "plant person," it could be difficult to determine what the best plants would be for your space. If you aren't keen on decoration, you may also have trouble deciding which plants would look the best. This is where the services of an indoor plant hire and office plant rental agency would come in handy. When you are trying to decide what plants would be ideal for your office, you should take a variety of factors into consideration. It's important to think about what purpose your plants will serve, what would look the best and also whether or not your office environment is ideal for plants.

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For example, some offices do not have any natural light at all. If that sounds like your office, you may want to focus on plants that do well in artificial light and don't require as much actual sunlight. A plant hire company may give you a consultation where it will be determined what type of plants you need as well as how many for your space. Consultations are usually free so you can decide whether or not you would actually benefit from the services.

During the consultation, you will also find out what the rate is and other services the company might offer in addition to the rental and placement of the plants. Some plant hire companies also offer maintenance to ensure that your office plants stay as healthy as possible. The ideal plant hire company will offer hundreds of plant hire displays for you to choose from as well as a free consultation, replacements and ongoing plant maintenance.

A good example of a company in Australia providing all of the above services is Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire.

Disclosure: I received compensation for publishing this information from Gaddy's Indoor Plant Hire.
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