How to Create Vinyl Wall Art in Your Room


Vinyl wall art can be done at home using self-adhesive vinyl and with the use of these basic steps: (1) planning and/or creating your design, (2) transferring the design to the vinyl, and (3) cutting and sticking the design to the wall.

Vinyl wall art is a simple way of adding a design to a room using an easy-to-follow process.

Plan and/or create your design

First, you must come up with a plan for your vinyl wall art. If you’re doing a large-scale design on your wall, it would help if you come up with a diagram of the room, either sketching it by hand or using a computer software, and drawing the design you want for your room. Make the necessary measurements for your design based on how you want it to look like on the wall. Finalize the colors you’ll need to use. Once you’ve got your design in place, it’s time to go to the store to buy your supplies.

The basic things that you will need for this project would be your vinyl, a pair of scissors, craft knife, and a ruler.

Transfer the design onto the vinyl

Once you’ve come up with a final design, it is time that you transfer your design onto the vinyl. Draw your design on the vinyl and cut accordingly. Depending on the design, you may use either your scissors or your craft knife.

If you’ve got a bigger design in mind, especially if it comes all the way up to the ceiling, it would be best to use some sheets of newsprint and tape it over the area where you want to have the design. With the newsprint in place, draw the design you want. Remove the newsprint and cut the design that was drawn. To transfer the design from the newsprint to the vinyl, flip over the cut design and trace it on the vinyl.

Cutting & sticking the design on the wall

Once you have your design on your vinyl and finished cutting it, you can now get to the fun part and stick the design onto the wall. To make sure that you’re doing it right, don’t remove the paper backing yet. You may tape it loosely to the wall first to see how it would look like and make minor adjustments to your placement plans to make it look even better. Once you’re sure as to where your design should be, you can go proceed to removing the paper backing and then stick your design on to the wall.

To make sure that it is smoothly in place, use the ruler as you stick it to carefully get rid of the bumps and air bubbles, scraping against the vinyl to press it firmly to the wall. If you don’t have a ruler, any hard piece of plastic will do. An old library card will do the job.

A good tip when at this part of the process is not to remove the paper backing altogether. Peel it off by sections, making sure that a good part of the design is sticking firmly to the wall using the ruler before peeling more of the backing. Taking it off the backing altogether might make the vinyl stick to itself and deem it unusable, therefore setting you back a step or two.

And there you have it, your very own vinyl wall art.

Vinyl wall arts, aside from being simple and easy to do, are practical since vinyl can be easily removed from the wall. This means that you can have a fun and easy way to redecorate your room with less effort. Simply peel off the existing design and replace it with another one. It is truly an inexpensive way to make an ordinary room look extraordinarily beautiful.

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