Decorative Iron Wall Art Artists

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Marco Polo Serrano, Kristi Lynn, Kathryn Darling, Neil Rose, Daniel Kirchner, Tara Reed, Robert Shields, Ashis Kumar, Elias and David, Marco Florindez and J. Blas are some of the artists who created beautiful iron wall art that are now widely appreciated by many.

Iron wall art has fascinated home owners and interior designers on how elegant and sophisticated they are. From the cheapest and simplest to the most elegant, expensive and sophisticated pieces, all of them can be a great addition to any home. It does not only brighten up a room but it also adds a touch of class into it. These masterpieces wouldn’t be possible without the love and dedication to the craft of the iron wall art artists. The following are some of the best in the industry:

Marco Polo Serrano

Marco Polo Serrano is one of the best iron wall art artists in Novica, an online site in association with National Geographic that promotes wonderful works of art from budding artist all over the world just to showcase different cultures or traditions. Born from a small town in Mexico, Marco Polo grew up within a family of artisans. At the early age of 13, he already started working on artistic ironworks. By the age of 23, he and his wife opened their own workshop together. This brought the creation of more of his astonishing masterpieces like the Aztec-inspired Sun iron wall panel sculpture, longhorn iron wall adornment, iron candle sconces, and Swan Woman iron candleholder which are all sculpted with delicate iron sheets. His creations are mostly contemporary in design motif which is influenced by the pre-Hispanic civilizations in Mexico.

Kristi Lynn

This talented artist is Texture Home Décor’s product designer. She’s responsible for all the unique and modern iron wall art. Her designs first started on paper drafts before it is actually crafted. What’s nice about her designs is that she had managed to put on other textures to the iron pieces which actually turned out to be very nice.

Kathryn Darling, Neil Rose, Daniel Kirchner, Tara Reed and Robert Shields

These are the names behind the beautiful iron wall art in 1 Shop 4 U. They’ve created lots of modern and traditional iron wall art. All of their creations are unique.

Here are other exceptional artists that you might want to check out:

Ashis Kumar
Elias and David
Marco Florindez
J. Blas

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