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How Playing Bingo Can Help


Are you baffled by how people make money out of blogging? You may think it’s just a hobby but there are plenty of people who make a serious living out of it. If you want to attract more readers and followers, you just have to be creative in terms of reaching out to a different audience and not just rely on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. If you are tenacious and patient enough, you will soon learn that there are alternative yet effective ways how to increase your followers and in the process, gain some revenue from advertisements on your blog. But before you think too far ahead, always keep in mind that genuine and unique content is king. Pinging via Ping-O-Matic or Feed Shark can also notify multiple search engines if you have new content.

BingoFor example, playing online bingo is a very lucrative hobby. And if you’re an avid fan of bingo, starting your own blog about it with general tips, tricks and even sharing your personal experiences about the game can instantly attract followers not to mention advertisements from Foxybingo. There are about 60 million players in the US alone and most of them are in the age group of 30-60 years old and 85% of the players are women. If your blog is about lifestyle, beauty, or fashion, then this can certainly work to your advantage. How? When you join bingo forums, you can easily plug your blog as your comment signature since you’re already aware that most bingo players are also women.

It’s all about finding an umbrella market and tapping into a similar hobby that can create a genuine connection with your readers and potential followers. Another advantage to this is, many bingo sites are now accessible via your mobile devices like your Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Android or iOS-powered devices. To add more relevance to your blog content, there are also many celebrities who are avid fans of bingo like Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta Jones, Courteney Cox, and Kate Moss.

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