Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Recipe Contest WINNER ~ Nacho Ordinary Healthy Sandwich


Black & DeckerAfter being accepted to take part in the Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Recipe Contest, I decided to focus on creating a fun and healthy, kid-friendly alternative for lunch.  The result?  The "Nacho Ordinary Healthy Sandwich", which is built on the concept that children of all ages really enjoy eating nachos.  Keep reading to learn all about the healthy spin on a classic standard which will have your children screaming, "Mucho Gusto!"

Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Recipe Contest

The Nacho Ordinary Healthy Sandwich is chocked full of healthy ways to spice up your lunch time!  The following recipe is how my husband and I decided to create this sandwich, but as with any sandwich, the ingredients themselves and the portions of each are completely up to the taste and preference of the eater.  If you're feeding a child that is considered to be a picky eater, then by all means, add or subtract  ingredients to suit their tastes.  The great thing about a nacho-inspired sandwich is that the amount of ingredients can be adjusted easily, if necessary.

Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Recipe Contest Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Recipe Contest

Nacho Ordinary Healthy Sandwich


  • 2 Slices of Pita Bread (we used Toufayan Low-Carb, Low-Fat, Whole-Wheat Pita Bread)
  • 1 Roma Tomato, chopped
  • 4 Black Olives, finely chopped
  • 1 Leaf of Green Leaf Lettuce, finely chopped
  • 1/2 Pkg. Fully-Cooked Chicken Fajita Strips (we used John Soules Foods Chicken Fajita Strips with No Hormones or Steroids added)
  • 1/2 can Black Beans, drained (we used Ranch Style Beans Black Beans)
  • Monterey Jack Cheese, finely shredded (to taste)
  • Mild Cheddar Cheese, finely shredded (to taste)
  • Tortilla Chips (we used Tostitos Restaurant-Style Whole Grain Tortilla Chips)
  • Picante Sauce (optional - for dipping)
  • Sour Cream (optional - for dipping)
  • Guacamole (optional - for dipping)
Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Recipe Contest Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Recipe Contest


  • Lay out two pieces of pita bread on a plate.
  • Take 3 tablespoons of black beans and mash them with a spoon.  Spread this black bean mash on one piece of the pita bread.  Take another 3 tablespoons of black beans, mash and spread on the other slice of pita bread.
  • Add two layers of tortilla chips on one slice of the pita bread for an extra yummy crunch.
  • Add a generous amount of both Monterey Jack and mild cheddar cheese to the piece of pita bread containing the tortilla chips.
  • Microwave about 8 strips of the chicken fajita meat for approximately 45 seconds.
  • Add the heated chicken fajita meat to the piece of pita bread containing only black beans.
  • Leaving the sandwich open-faced, place in the Black & Decker convection countertop oven (TO1675B) at 350 degrees until the cheese melts (approximately 2-3 minutes).
  • Chop the Roma tomato, black olives and green leaf lettuce.
  • Add the black olives to the side of the sandwich containing the melted cheese.  Add the Roma tomato and green leaf lettuce to the other side.
  • Assemble the sandwich by placing the two halves together and use a knife to slice the Nacho Ordinary Healthy Sandwich in half.
Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Recipe Contest Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Recipe Contest

One of the wonderful things about the Nacho Ordinary Healthy Sandwich is just how versatile it is for dipping!  My husband and I highly recommend bringing along small containers of sour cream and salsa to really give this sandwich a kick.  Personally, I love dipping this in homemade guacamole too, but I only recommend this healthy option if you are eating this sandwich at home.  Unfortunately, guacamole doesn't travel too well and so if you will be eating this sandwich on the go, then definitely stick to only the sour cream and salsa dips.


Disclosure:  I received the Convection Countertop Oven (TO1675B) from Black & Decker and Family Review Network in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


I'm a former 7th grade Science teacher turned stay-at-home mom that lives in Houston, Texas. I am married to my college sweetheart and have a beautiful daughter named Riley, who definitely keeps me on my toes! I am also involved in starting a small business which would both manufacture and sell an invention that I've patented, called Toothpaste 2 Go. I love interacting with my readers and hope to learn as much about you as you learn about me!

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