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Mickey and Minnie in DisneylandWell, what do you know? I had the luckiest day EVER just yesterday! For those of you who knew, my blog was erroneously deleted by Blogger. Their crack team of robots had inadvertently declared my blog a SPAM blog (I mean, really!) and it was deleted without any human eyes having viewed it to see that it was the furthest thing from a SPAM blog!

All of my posts were gone, my buttons, pictures, etc., all GONE! But then yesterday, the clouds parted and finally I had my blog back again. It was deleted for over a week and because I could never get in contact with anyone from Google, I took a deep breath (actually, so many breaths that I think I started hyperventilating) and rebuilt my blog from scratch on my new self-hosted WordPress site.

I guess everything truly happens for a reason, because now that all of the hard work is finished, I LOVE MY NEW BLOG! Yesterday, with my original blog coming to life again, I was able to save my 120 Google friends and get all of my old posts and material back again! YIPPEE! I was so stoked at this recent turn of events...but then, come to find out, my good luck was just beginning. A few hours later, I received a phone call from a sweepstakes that I had entered earlier this month. (I used to be quite the sweepstakes junkie before I found this thing called a blog...kind of like the Queen song there for a moment!) Anyway, I digress... The call was from a lady who said that I was a GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the Ryan Seacrest radio show's "An Afternoon with Ryan and Justin" sweepstakes! I had won a trip for 2 to DISNEYLAND!

We're going to be staying at the Grand Californian Disney Resort for 4 days and 3 nights. We get our airfare paid for as well as a 3-day hopper pass to both theme parks and the Disney village. Also, we get to go to a private event where we'll meet Ryan Seacrest and Justin Bieber! This is the part that is kind of funny to me because I really have no clue who Justin Bieber is, except that apparently, most girls under the age of 15 would give their right eye away to meet him.

And for those of you who were frequent readers of my original blog, you may have caught my post entitled, "Am I Alone in My Loathing for Idol?" (I'll repost that one here so you can see my true feelings about one of my husband's favorite shows!) So, I really have no love for Mr. Seacrest either! I kind of feel bad on these points, because I know to some out there (die-hard Seacrest and Bieber fans), this trip would be an experience of a lifetime. But to my husband and I, we're the most excited about the Disneyland part and just think the Ryan and Justin part of the prize is kind of cool.

The lady totally shocked me though, because although I received the call on Monday, she informed me that we would be leaving THIS THURSDAY! Whew! What a whirlwind experience trying to get everything in order so quickly! Thank goodness that worked out too and so in just two days, I'm DISNEYLAND BOUND! So, in summary, after tomorrow, I will be away from my blog...please leave your name and a brief message at the sound of the beep! BEEP!

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