The First Unexpected Moment Between My Daughter and Me Was So Sweet, So Good

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I've been blessed so far to have a lot of unexpected, sweet moments as a family.  Both my husband and my daughter are two of the sweetest and kindest souls on this planet and not a day goes by that I don't feel truly loved by them.  That's a super sweet moment in itself!  But when I was asked to recall my favorite unexpected sweet moment with my family, the one that immediately sprung to mind happened on the day my daughter was born.

You see, even though technically a man and wife are considered family, there's just something about solidifying that union with a child that makes the whole picture of family, for me, final and complete.  Now there's nothing unexpected about actually MEETING my daughter.  I mean, when you're pregnant we all know that day is going to arrive...eventually.  But what completely blew me away that day was the immediate and inexplicably strong bond I experienced with her during the moment we met for the first time, face to face.


Labor was pretty tough on me and after pushing HARD for over fifty minutes, it was decided that she just wasn't going to come out without a little more help.  That's when I received a good ol' episiotomy and before I knew it, Riley had entered into the world.  Like any newborn, she cried and cried from the moment the doctor cleared her airways and since I was busy getting stitched up, everyone in the room got to see her and hold her before I did.  She cried the entire time...until they brought her to me.

The instant they laid her on my chest and I started speaking very softly to her, she stopped crying!  I was amazed!  To tell you the truth, I was very intimidated and a little scared when they gave her to me.  I mean, I'm an only child and have never been around tiny babies before.  I didn't have the first real clue about being a mom, but in that initial meeting between my daughter and me, I realized that my little passenger for the last nine months already knew me.  She knew my scent, my voice, the way I laughed and moved about, and most of all, she knew I was her mommy.  I was the only one in the world that could calm and comfort her in that moment, and her tears stopped instantly.  That was an earth-shattering experience for me and it forged a bond between us that will never be broken.

My husband was right there too, super sweet and helpful as always and it brought tears to my eyes that we were now a true family.  Sure, we've had plenty more unexpected, sweet moments as a family since then, but I can't think of anything more powerful or sweet than that first meeting between my daughter and me.

Riley-and-Me Riley-and-Me
Riley-and-Me Riley-and-Me


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