Review - Skin Care Products Designed to Restore, Renew and Prevent the Signs of Aging


AquaVieJust because the candles seem to be rapidly accumulating on my birthday cake, doesn't mean I want those years showing up on my face too.  I'm constantly on the lookout for top-notch skin care products that truly work, for I believe in a daily regimen that not only corrects and restores, but also prevents the tell-tale signs of aging.

AquaVie is a skin care line which derives its nourishing goodness from the French Brittany coasts.  Their anti-aging product line revitalizes skin with natural oils while regenerating and mineralizing skin cells. The result is a fresh moisturized face conditioned to reduce the formation of free radicals.  This process then goes one step further to help repair the elastic fibers of the skin.

I reviewed the following skin care products from AquaVie:

Clarifying Serum, which retails for $39.00

Clarifying Cream, which retails for $39.00

Anti-Aging Mask, which retails for $39.00
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AquaVie Anti-Aging MaskNow I would truly be a lucky girl if fine lines and wrinkles were all I had to worry about, but alas, that just isn't the case.  Unfortunately, I have very fair skin that's riddled with sun damage, along with moderate adult acne.  Couple these issues with the problems caused by the hands of time and you see that I'm a pretty tough cookie for typical skin care products.

Thankfully, AquaVie allowed me to try three different skin solutions which work together to help clear my skin and restore its youthful glow.  Here's a bit about each one:

AquaVie Clarifying SerumClarifying Serum

This Arbutin-based serum possesses brightening properties to help bring a healthy glow to the skin.  It's designed to diminish spots and improve pigmentation.  Skin is left with more elasticity and a softer texture.

Clarifying Cream

This product is also made from Arbutin Wheat Germ Oil and Hyaluronic Acid and is designed to be applied to skin after using the Clarifying Serum.  This intensive treatment effectively and safely improves skin imperfections.

AquaVie Clarifying CreamAnti-Aging Mask

This skin care mask deep cleans pores and is designed to be used just once or twice per week.  It's recommended that your face be exfoliated first so as to promote maximum absorption.

I've been using these three AquaVie skin care products for almost two weeks now and really like them.  I apply the Clarifying Serum and Clarifying Cream twice each day and love how much softer my skin feels since using them.  Even though we're in one of the most drying seasons of the year, my skin is supple and smooth.  I also don't seem to have as many red marks on my face from prior acne breakouts as I used to.

My favorite product of the three though has to be the Anti-Aging Mask.  I wash my face with my favorite exfoliating scrub first and then slather on a nice thick layer of the rich mask.  Just 10 minutes later and my face feels as though I've had a facial.  My pores are clean and my face feels moisturized and refreshed.

If you'd like an affordable and effective solution for your skin care problems, be sure to stop by AquaVie and shop the myriad of products they carry to tone, firm, clarify and repair.  Your skin will look better than ever!

4.5 Star Product Review
Disclosure: I received the skin care products mentioned above from AquaVie in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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Skin Care Products Designed to Restore, Renew and Prevent the Signs of Aging
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