Review - Bitter Orange from Agraria ~ One of Giorgio Armani's Favorite Scents


AgrariaOne of the reasons I love Valentine's Day is because I consider it the "girliest" of all holidays.  There's candy, flowers and hearts everywhere with plenty of love in the air too!  Everything feminine seems to be revered on Valentine's Day, including lingerie, jewelry and amazing fragrances.

Agraria is a company made famous by its unique potpourri and palm leaf packaged products in the 1970's.  Today, Agraria fragrances and body care products can be found at many high-end boutiques and department stores all over the world.  Bitter Orange is the scent that started it all and I had the chance to sample this fragrance for myself.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the Bitter Orange Gift Suite from Agraria, which retails for $95.00.

Agraria Bitter Orange

Make Your Valentine's Day Sweeter with Agraria's Bitter Orange

Agraria's Bitter Orange scent is the flagship fragrance for this company and the one its loyal customers love the most.  Even Giorgio Armani has reported that Bitter Orange is one of his most cherished fragrances too!  Although there are many imitations on the market today, none can compare to the spicy, yet sweet aroma of the original.

Agraria Bitter Orange Gift SuiteI was pleasantly surprised at just how fragrant all three items included in the Bitter Orange Gift Suite were.  The PetiteEssence is perfect for sitting on a delicate table or nightstand and looks as beautiful as it smells.  This would be the perfect addition to a small vanity or window ledge, for the light shining through the bottle itself is quite mesmerizing.  Currently, I have the PetiteEssense sitting on my bedside table and love drifting off to sleep to the smell of Bitter Orange.

Agraria's unique perfumed tassels can be used in every room of your home to add an unexpected fragrance experience.  Hang them on a doorknob, closet hook or an armoire key. Use them with tie-back curtains or on a draped bed. I even recommend adorning the inside of your car with this elegant tassel for a treat each and every time you travel.  These tassels come complete with Refresher Oil, so you can add more fragrance whenever you wish.

Finally, the Bitter Orange Gift Suite contains a luxury bath bar.  This delicately scented soap, triple-milled in the French process to ensure purity, consistency, and long lasting qualities, creates a creamy and silky lather that gently cleanses your skin.  You'll feel silky, refreshed, and your skin will be slightly scented.

If you'd like to indulge your sense of smell this Valentine's Day, be sure to shop the wide variety of Bitter Orange fragranced products from Agraria.  These items are the perfect way to make each and every day a little bit more special.

4.5 Star Product Review
Disclosure: I received the Bitter Orange Gift Suite from Agraria in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This garden hose storage review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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