Top 8 Tools for Building Confidence in Your Child


ACTAlthough it's been quite a while since I myself was a child, I can still remember battling periods of self-doubt and uncertainty.  A child's confidence level can make all the difference between success and failure and the scars they receive as a child will often plague them throughout adulthood.

Instilling an unwavering sense of confidence in your children is perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give as a parent.  Here are a few suggestions for rocketing your child's self-assurance into the stratosphere!

Tools for Building Confidence That Parents Can Use Immediately

  • Always laugh along with your child, and under no circumstances laugh at them, for this reaction could make your son or daughter shy away from experiencing new things. Remember, we should be building confidence, not tearing it down.
  • Pay lots of attention to the things your child does well. This might include sports, art, academics, doing their chores, being kind, etc. No achievement is too insignificant to praise and will help instill a sense of pride and self-confidence in your child.
  • Have the utmost of faith in your child and show it. Let them know that the sky's the limit to what they can accomplish and if they happen to fall short, encourage them to try again. Succeeding at a task due to sheer effort and determination helps build confidence in children.
  • Constructive criticism is a necessary factor to helping your child improve at something. Just be sure to criticize their behavior or actions and not the child.
  • Have a genuine admiration for your child's passions and stay involved in their lives. Inquire about their friends and what's happening in school and provide positive feedback when you can.
  • Get your youngster involved in athletics, and constantly show them an abundance of support. Even if their team is not doing as well as expected, continue to show that support and your child will learn that even if he is not the best, he is still a champion for doing his best.
  • Give your child chores to do around the house and hold them accountable.
  • Don't put too much pressure on your child as this could cause them to shut down and feel defeated. As a parent, you should want them to try lots of different things and become comfortable leaping in with both feet, but we also don't want them to feel overwhelmed.

Remember that as parents, we should always be there to encourage, to sympathize and to help our kids when we can.  Pick up those pom-poms and take center stage as the biggest cheerleader for your child.  Their confidence level will increase dramatically due to your efforts!  :clap:

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