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Purple-TrailYou look out the window and see sparkling snow drifting gently past your window. What could be more perfect on such a day than opening your mailbox and discovering a unique, handmade card from one of your best friends? It can be difficult to find the time to make your own holiday cards during this crazy, frenetic season, but the smile that your card will bring to the faces of your loved ones is worth it!

Tired of the same old studio picture of your kids wearing red? Do something new this year and create a creative, innovative photo that your family and friends will enjoy receiving with their Christmas cards. Digital cameras make parents' lives easier, as there are many websites where you can order pre-printed personalized holiday cards.

Creative Family Holiday Photos: Environmentally Friendly

Save paper and stamp money this year by creating a simple Christmas e-card. E-cards can be sent to all your family and friends for whom you have email addresses, and can include a family photograph. Put your kids together in matching Christmas pajamas and Santa hats for a cool, casual shot to include on your e-card. Hallmark’s website has a lot of great e-card choices. When you have to use paper cards, look for Christmas cards that are made from recycled paper.

Family Photos: Rub-a-Dub-Dub!

This is a really unique, fun idea. Line up your young kids in a big bathtub (this is perfect if you have a clawfoot tub) filled to overflowing with bubbles. Have the kids wearing Santa hats and make “mustaches and beards” out of bubbles. If the kids are lined up peeking out over the edge of the tub in their Santa ‘outfits’ it makes a really clever holiday photo!

Perfect Pictures: Black and White

Make your holiday photo this year a picture that will last all year long. Use black-and-white film or select the black-and-white (or even sepia-tone) option on your digital camera and take a bunch of photos of the kids all wearing white T-shirts and jeans, with a plain wall in the background. When the kids wear matching plain shirts and there is nothing in the background and you’re using black-and-white, it really shows off their adorable little faces and will surely be a favorite photo of family and friends.

Be Creative: Welcome Other Holidays

Who says holiday photos have to be Christmas photos? Use a family photo from another holiday or event during the year for including with your Christmas cards this year. Have a fantastic beach or pool shot of the family, or some great individual photos of the kids in their Halloween costumes? Use them! Many websites like let you incorporate your favorite photos into a wide variety of holiday card designs.

Be Crazy:  Show Off Your Family's Goofy Side

Just have fun together and try to capture the moment!  This way your Christmas card is sure to give every recipient a huge chuckle.  Make funny faces, dress up in silly costumes, etc.  The sky's the limit to the zaniness!


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