Review - 7 Creative Ideas for Your Garden Hose Storage Container

5/5 - (1 vote) Bold, bright, and beautiful, the CobraCo Cauldron Solid Copper Garden Hose Storage Set adds a touch of real copper to any backyard decor. This hose holder and matching lid are made from 100% copper and are paired with attractively contrasting black handles, creating a look that makes this hose holder perfect for a variety of uses.

When used as garden hose storage, it can hold up to 150 feet of hose.  The center post guides your garden hose for easy coiling and uncoiling.  But, if you plan on using this copper cauldron for other storage ideas, you can remove the center post entirely.  Curious as to how to incorporate this gorgeous container into your garden or home?  Then be sure to keep reading for my top 7 ideas!

I reviewed the CobraCo Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set from, which retails for $279.00, but is currently on sale for $253.77.
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Avant Garden Hose Storage

Use Your Hose Holder for More Than Just Garden Hose Storage

Even though the CobraCo Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set make a perfect alternative for garden hose storage, there are so many other uses both indoors and out for this beautiful container.  Just look at my top 7 creative ideas for using the CobraCo Cauldron Hose Holder:

Extension Cords

We have a ton of extension cords that are used to power our hedge trimmer and weed eater.  Now these can be stored neatly and efficiently, always ready to be used.

Avant Garden CobraCo Hose StorageChristmas Lights

Have a ton of outdoor Christmas lights that you'd like to keep hidden in a functional, yet attractive way?  Look no further than your garden hose storage container!

Gardening Tools

I have a ton of small gardening tools like spades, hoes, claws and such that I can never seem to keep together.  Now with the CobraCo solid copper garden hose storage container, I can keep small bags of fertilizer and potting soil, small pots, plant markers, stakes and gardening tools all together in one gorgeous place.

Insecticide, Fertilizer and Grass Seed

We have many bags of chemicals and such that we use on our lawn year round.  Insecticides, fertilizers and bags of grass seed can now be stored out of sight and out of the way of children in this hose holder.

Garden Planter

Of course, if you're looking for a beautiful way to plant several small plants or one large bush, then the CobraCo Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder is a perfect container for that too.  Simply plug the hose's exit hole with a small plug made from newspaper or magazines and then fill with soil.

Avant Garden Hose Holder

There are also two ways I can think of to bring the beauty of this container indoors as well.

Craft Supplies and Knitting Projects

I love to knit and when I make large blankets, I frequently need several skeins of yarn as well as a few different sizes of knitting needles.  The CobraCo garden hose storage container is the perfect solution to stylishly keep your crafting supplies hidden from view while you complete a project.

Magazines and Newspapers

My family loves to read and we always seem to have a ton of unread magazines and newspapers lying about waiting for our attention.  Now, with the CobraCo Solid Copper Hose Holder from Avant Garden Decor, we can keep our reading materials neat, tidy and tucked away. Blogger If you'd like to update your patio or backyard or get your outdoor garden to reach its full potential, don't hesitate to shop the large selection of yard decor, planters and gardening tools from  Their vast array of high-quality products coupled with excellent customer service will make you one satisfied customer.

Do you know any additional uses for a garden hose holder?  I'd love to hear them!
4.5 Star Product Review
Disclosure: I received the CobraCo Cauldron Solid Copper Hose Holder and Lid Set from in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This garden hose storage review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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