Review - derma e Intensive Foot Therapy Creme ~ Repairs the Damage Caused by a Barefoot Summer

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derma eNow that summer is rapidly coming to a close, you might be ready to undo all of the damage that happened to your tootsies from running around barefoot all summer.  You might also be one who suffers year-round from poor foot circulation or achy, tired or swollen feet.  That's where derma e's Intensive Therapy Foot Creme comes in.

This creme is enriched with nourishing vitamins and botanicals to support healthy circulation, relax tight muscles, resolve swelling and bruising and relieve tired, achy, even painful feet.  It is especially useful for moisturizing and alleviating dry, cracked and itchy feet.

I reviewed the Intensive Foot Therapy Creme and Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme from derma e, which retails for $19.50 and $13.75, respectively.

derma e Intensive Therapy Foot CremeThe derma e Intensive Foot Therapy Creme has a very thick, creamy consistency and smells strongly of peppermint.  I rubbed this creme on clean feet, concentrating especially on the heels and toes.  Then, I would don socks to bed in order to really lock in the moisturizing power of the Intensive Foot Therapy Creme.

When I awoke, I was pleasantly greeted by much softer and smoother feet than I had the night before.  There are many powerful ingredients that go to work on your tootsies in the Intensive Foot Therapy Creme, such as:

  • Pycnogenol - Antioxidant that helps support vascular health
  • Peach Seed - Traditionally used to encourage healthier circulation
  • Ginkgo - Botanical antioxidant that helps support healthy blood flow
  • Yarrow - Natural astringent that supports the circulation and helps resolve swelling
  • Arnica - Soothing botanical that helps resolve swelling and bruising
  • Peppermint - Mild anesthetic that helps relieve itching, irritation and relaxes tight muscles
  • Menthol - Cooling analgesic that helps relieve pain

derma e Tea Tree and E Antiseptic CremeNext up, was a creme derma e designed specifically for the rest of your body, the Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme.  This natural first aid creme helps a wide variety of problem skin conditions, including cuts, scrapes, blemishes, insect bites, poison ivy, skin overexposed to the sun, dryness and bacterial and fungal issues.  Now that's one multi-purpose creme!

I loved using this product on my face to help deal with my adult acne and redness which flares up from time to time.  I found the Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme to work like a charm, calming my skin down and shortening the life span of any blemishes that would pop up.  The only down side to using this product is that it stinks like Tea Tree Oil, which definitely has a scent all its own.  Other than that, I highly recommend this product and plan to purchase more of it for myself in the future.



4 Star Product Review
Disclosure: I received the Intensive Foot Therapy Creme and Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme from derma e in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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