Review - Pretty Wicked Moms: Ever Felt Judged By Other Moms? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!


Have you ever been on a play date, at a school function or playground and interacted with a group of other moms?  I don't know why, but situations like these tend to make me a tad uncomfortable because I always feel like I'm being "sized up" for some reason.  In my opinion, women are pretty competitive against each other in general, but when you throw children into the mix, the claws really come out.   :cover eyes:

Before long, the conversation always seems to turn to how brilliant, beautiful and talented everyone's child is and how everyone's family is the picture of white-picket fence living.  For these reasons, I've tended to steer away from joining play groups with folks other than my friends and family, just because I am not one to sit and smile through the endless heaps of bull#&@* being shoveled my way.

Well, if you've ever wondered just how catty and superficial other moms can truly be, then you don't want to miss the newest reality show on Lifetime, Pretty Wicked Moms!

Pretty Wicked Moms

In this show, you'll meet five Atlanta moms and their families and follow them around as they battle to juggle their careers, family lives and of course, their social agenda.  What was unique to me was that all five of these women were already in the same social circle before the reality show began.  One of the ladies owns a clothing boutique in Atlanta and through either husbands, friends or business, they are all intertwined.

From the first moment of the show, you realize that plenty of drama and cat fights are already seething under the surface of these ladies' relationships and that fireworks are a sure bet.  What I didn't expect though was for so much of this show to be based in that high-school-ish drama and superficial behavior.  Now, I used to love a good reality show where people were behaving badly, but now that I'm older and a mom, my attitudes toward a show like this have changed a bit.

Although I definitely like a little cattiness on TV, I don't like that these ladies are moms and that this behavior is being modeled for their children.  When I see a sweet little innocent face in the background watching mommy behave like a shallow moron, it just takes all of the fun out of it for me.  I also have to admit that I wish they were from another town besides Atlanta.  I love being from the South and I also love everything that a true Southern Belle represents.  Unfortunately though, these women are being compared to traditional Southern Belles and this is putting all Southern ladies in a bad light, in my opinion.

Take a look at the clip below and then weigh in to let me know what you think of Pretty Wicked Moms:  Will you be tuning in to Lifetime's newest reality show?  Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

  • EmilyThe Queen Bee – A self-made business woman with a two-year-old daughter, Amzie, who serves as ring leader of this group of competitive mothers.
  • Nicole N.The Doggy Mom – Emily’s partner-in-crime and co-clique conspirator whose “child” is her Shitzu dog, Summer.
  • MirandaTheSouthern Belle – A rigid stay-at-home mom who oversees her two-year-old son Ledger’s strict schedule down to the very. last. minute.
  • Nicole B.The Alpha Mom – Health conscious and meticulous in what she feeds her one-year-old daughter, McKinley, Nicole B. often challenges Emily’s and Nicole N.’s mischievous plans.
  • MeredithThe Newbie – Recently moved to Atlanta with her husband and three-year-old daughter, Addison, Meredith’s good heart and innocence lead her to strive for acceptance from the other moms.
  • MarciThe Divorcee – The most affluent, and shrewdest mom of the clique, Marci is raising three kids on her own after 23 years of marriage, bringing a different point-of-view to motherhood and the clique as they live life in the fast lane.
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3 Responses to Ever Felt Judged By Other Moms? You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

    rachael Says:


    i cant watch the clip but all these reality television shows arent live. its all made up into a role and acts with throwing some of your own ideas in. cant think what type of acting its called. its all for the drama and viewers to buy into for people to watch. i hate drama shows. i hate all reality television shows. i do not engage into them. i watched the pretty princesses or whatever its called where they put make up on them for these little materialistic prizes. sickens me. that is the worst to me. teachign them to be pretty and be better then everyone and putting make up on them come on. good way to ruin there skin and ego early on. but back to the point. i love how you tell that it bothers you every parent out there sizes up other parents. WE ALL DO it to a certain extent. but what every1 seems to forget that every one has there own parenting technics. what works for one child is not going to necc work for the next child. that just cause what works or “goes” in one household can be complete rubbish to the next household. to judge someone for there parenting skills is not what we should be doing. we should educate more then judge. however a lot of people can take education one as a smarty know it all. a mom or dad may feel that your doing the above. telling them how to parent. its a touchy subject that can always be taking wrong. i think if there not doing dangerous acts to the child or putting them in harms way or doing things that are not appropraite where it dem them to alter there future then we should just zip it and let them be parents. we all got to learn somehow. we dont come into parent hood knowing everything. we all have to learn how to do everything just like when we step into our careers. so w everything said i tred lightly on saying anything about someones child less its 100 perc has to be said then in that case i think child services should be told also. if child services wouldnt consider it a problem then neither should we.

    gigi - My Fab Fit Forties Says:


    This could basically be the sub-title for any reality show that is out there these days – all the women attacking each other, each other’s children, etc. I don’t know how we became a society that rewards bad behavior, but when a girl that became ‘famous’ for being a brat on Teen Mom is now shopping for a $3.3 million dollar house and Kim Kardashian who gets paid more per tweet than soldiers, teachers, cops & firemen make in a year — there’s something terribly wrong.

    Oregon momma of 5 Says:


    Ok I have endured two episodes of this show. I think most of the moms are ok. Nothing really out of the norm in normal life. We all have them. The health freak friend (Nicole B) who god bless her we all wish we had the energy and commitment to do what she does. The sad part is there is likely some underlining control issues that must drive her. But it is clear she lives her kid.

    Marci the been there done that mom. Obviously slightly jaded but she speaks the truth. Thicken your skin ladies because really it was a joke. I wish she would get closer to Meredith and Miranda for the simple fact that they could use a spine.

    Miranda now I remember being here. First kid, have no idea how its suppose to go and all the books say to stick to the schedule. Clearly annoyed at dumb and dumber but unsure about how she is as a mom. I want to tell her lighten up love it all works out in the end.

    Meredith oh such a soft spoken little lamb that doesn’t even realize the game she has been sucked into or when she is being insulted. Nothing is more sad than a girl who is so unsure if herself she ends up a door mat.

    Nicole M …. Has she ever had a though of her own that was not from Emily? A dog!?!? Your comparing your dog to a child. Lets get something straight Hun you didn’t carry the child for 9 months and went though the emotional and physical stress of child birth only to instantly forget it when you see your baby for the first time. Really a dog compares. Why don’t you try having an original thought instead of chasing Emily around.

    Emily where do I start. Forget the fact that you spend 90% of your “mommy time” sleeping next to your child or that the nanny raises your kid not you. Emily treats her daughter like a handbag from her swank store. Just an accessory to pick up and show off when you feel like it. I especially love her parenting advise about allowing her daughter to basically do what she wants and this she is independent. News flash she is just on the fast track of being spoiled as you. Or how she almost calls her own child ugly by saying she isn’t as pretty as her?!?! Really!!! Clearly her husband and child are just meant to serve her.

    Thus far Craig seems to be the only level headed person there. Good for him saying hell no I am not going to a party at a woman’s house who talks badly about my wife and not confront her on it! Nicole B feel very lucky that you have a husband who has your back like that. Unlike Emily’s husband who doesn’t even sleep in the same bed as his wife.

    So all this from two episodes… What a waste of money this is. Unless the Queen Bee and her wannabe are gone this show is too overly high school like to be taken seriously.

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