Review - Shout Trigger's Triple-Action Stain-Fighting Formula Keeps Your Family's Clothes Looking Like New

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Remember back when we were kids?  There wasn't anything that put a smile on my face more than GETTING DIRTY!  Of course, all of that filth would make my mom cringe, since she was the one responsible for removing those grass, dirt, mud and food stains from my clothes.

Shout Trigger Now, the shoe is on the other foot and I find that I'm the one cringing each time my daughter (and even my husband) step outside.  Getting your clothes dirty is much more fun for everyone involved though when they're also easy to get clean.

Thankfully, Shout® Trigger gets out the tough stains, so your kids can take part in some healthy fun and get dirty over and over again. Shout® Trigger is a triple-acting formula packed with stain-fighting ingredients and enzymes to quickly penetrate, break-up and lift away impossible stains.

What's more, it comes in a convenient trigger bottle so you can quickly squirt the stain down and then toss the garment in the wash. Shout® Trigger is safe for all colorfast clothing and works equally well no matter the water temperature. I received a bottle of Shout® Trigger to review for myself and of course, my husband wasted no time in putting this new stain-fighting formula to the test.

While enjoying a nice dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, he dribbled green guacamole sauce down the front of his white t-shirt. As soon as we returned home, I generously applied the Shout® Trigger formula to the stain and then tossed it in the washer using a cold water cycle. Sure enough, Shout® Trigger handled the job beautifully and removed all traces of the green sauce.

With summer right around the corner and children getting out of school in a matter of weeks, having a powerful laundry stain fighter is a must. If you'd like to witness the magic of Shout® Trigger on your laundry's toughest stains, then be sure to pick up a bottle on your next trip to Walmart. Your family's clothes will surely thank you for it!

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