Review - Tell Those Fine Lines and Wrinkles Around the Eyes and Mouth to Take a Hike with gloMinerals Under Eye Primer

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gloProfessionalUncle FesterAh, I knew this day would one day arrive and unfortunately, that day is here.  The fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes finally require their own particular level of maintenance when it comes to applying my makeup.  In my opinion, nothing makes you look older than when your makeup starts to settle in those fine lines around the eyes.  Large creases form which amplify those fine lines and turn them into huge "notice-me-now" wrinkles.

I've tried to just not wear undereye makeup at all and avoid the problem all together, but this isn't a viable solution either.  I have dark circles under my eyes and without concealer or foundation to brighten those babies up, I tend to resemble Uncle Fester more than I care to.

I reviewed the gloMinerals Under Eye Primer from gloProfessional which retails for $24.00 with FREE SHIPPING.

gloMinerals is skin nurturing mineral makeup for beauty with a higher purpose.  Advanced formulations combine pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals and the power of antioxidants. The result is clinically advanced makeup that covers and helps correct and protect. gloMinerals cosmetics deliver unsurpassed coverage, broad spectrum UV protection and helps combat free radical damage. This clinical mineral makeup line is preferred by dermatologists and leading skincare professionals worldwide.

gloMinerals Under Eye PrimerI had the chance to review their Under Eye Primer which is an anti-aging primer that minimizes the appearance of imperfections by filling in fine lines while using light reflective pigments to soften the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles.

The Under Eye Primer should be one of the first items you apply when putting your makeup on, for it sets the base for the rest of your look.  It's best to apply with a dual camouflage/foundation brush for optimal coverage, though I used the soft pad of my ring finger.

It glided on beautifully and had the consistency of a creamy powder.  I was amazed because it already seemed to minimize the wrinkled area under my eye and I hadn't even applied my concealer yet.  As expected, the concealer also went on much easier than usual and the new duo definitely made me look more youthful.

Typically, after I flash a few smiles and my eyes wrinkle up a few times, that's when I notice the large makeup creases under my eyes that easily add 10 years to my face.  Thanks to gloMinerals Under Eye Primer, my concealer stayed all day and never once began forming those hideous wrinkles under my eyes.  This is my new must-have cosmetics product and one that I use almost every day. It even works well to soften the fine lines around the lips and keep your makeup there intact.

If the "lines of experience" are beginning to show in your face, don't surrender.  Tell those fine lines and wrinkles to take a hike with gloMinerals Under Eye Primer!

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Disclosure:  I received the gloMinerals Under Eye Primer from gloProfessional in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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