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Conscious consumers are everywhere.  There are now a growing number of conscious companies as well, such as SLOWCOLOR.  Their mission is simple: to clothe the world in beauty, health and responsibility.

SLOWCOLOR's hope is to inspire people to change how they think about clothing and realize that our choices have a real impact on the lives of people around the world.  They believe they’re not alone in their commitment to become more conscious consumers either -- that’s why they created SLOWCOLOR.

The beautiful, fair-trade clothing they offer is environmentally sustainable and created by handloom weavers of India who receive a life-changing living wage.  At SLOWCOLOR, they are committed to preserving the weaving and natural-dyeing traditions around the world.  Keep reading to learn more!

SLOWCOLOR Fair Trade Scarves
SLOWCOLOR Fair Trade Scarves SLOWCOLOR Fair Trade Scarves
SLOWCOLOR Fair Trade Scarves

SLOWCOLOR's first partner is a cooperative of handloom weavers in India who are creating elegant linen clothing using centuries-old weaving and natural fabric-dyeing techniques.  These artisans use manually-powered spinning wheels and handlooms, and fabric dyes made of leaves, flowers, roots and minerals, with recipes dating back thousands of years.  Today, the way of life for millions of handloom weavers is already at risk.

Given the commoditization of clothing and competition from powerlooms, many handloom weavers across India have been forced to the brink, leading to a dramatic rise in suicides among India’s weavers.  Second only to agriculture in employing India’s people, the handloom weaving industry — and its rich tradition — is being seriously undermined and may one day vanish if steps are not taken to preserve the weaving traditions.


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If you would like to make a commitment this year to gifting consciously, then please consider SLOWCOLOR's elegant handloomed, naturally plant dyed, fair trade made scarves in colors to suite both him and her.  This would make a gift to feel truly grateful for, and globally connected to the good of giving.

Boulder Scarf

The scarf that goes everywhere. A treasured companion on your life's adventures. Casual, elegant, for work and for play. Men like this scarf as much as women do.

  • Size: 24"x72"
  • Best selling colors: Alpine Air, Blackthorn Gold, Star Saphire, Hyberbad stripes,
  • Price: $85

For all colors, please see:


Dakota Ridge Wrap / Shawl

A luxurious lightweight gauze weave wrap/shawl, equally perfect in the cold of winter as a delicious comfy layered scarf, or gentle cozied around your shoulders as you sip your tea and read that favorite book in front of the fireplace.  It works great in warmer / summer climates too as a friendly companion on chillier nights.

  • Size: 34"x96"
  • Color: Jodhpur Stripes, Jaipur stripes,
  • Price: $120

For all colors, please see:

Material: 100% premium linen handloomed with pride and passion in India

Hand Made: As this is a hand made product, slight size and color variation only show the human touch of a soul and heart at work.



Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure: I received the Boulder Scarf from SLOWCOLOR in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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