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1MiniMeOne of my favorite people in the world has to be my father-in-law, "Shamrock" Shelley Cleaver.  If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that the world has never seen a character quite like him before!  For instance, one of Shelley's most endearing qualities is that he has truly never met a stranger.

He will talk to anyone and everyone and has the ability to brighten your day in a way that you will always remember.  He is also an extreme fan of the Ford Edsel and has been a member of the Edsel Owners' Club for longer than my husband has been alive.  As a matter of fact, Shelley even chauffeured Michael and I in a bright red Edsel on our wedding day!

Since my father-in-law is a constant conversational piece and pretty much a living legend to those that know him, I was ecstatic when 1MiniMe contacted me regarding a product review of their custom bobblehead dolls.  There was only one person I could think of to commemorate in this father-in-law, Shamrock!

I reviewed the Customized DIY Bobblehead Doll from, which retails for $125.50.

Now that I've introduced you to the man, the myth, the legend...I want to tell you all about my experiences with  This is a company with a host of well-trained artists whose job it is to turn your precious photos into a custom bobblehead doll of your choosing.  They offer a whole slew of options on how the doll can be created, but in the end, I decided to build the bobblehead doll of my father-in-law from the ground up and ordered a customized DIY doll.

There are so many options available from 1MiniMe and in a variety of price ranges, sure to fit any budget.  You can order a customized DIY doll like I did, which start at $89.90 and up, or you can pick one of the LARGE selection of pre-made bodies and have just the head of your bobblehead doll created from a picture.

This option is extremely affordable, with most models costing under $60.  I love how 1MiniMe even has wedding bobbleheads and XXX rated bobblehead doll versions.  These are perfect for a wedding day cake topper or for the bachelor/bachelorette party that comes before that!

Shamrock Shelley Cleaver

Setting up the customized bobblehead doll couldn't have been simpler.  All I had to do was decide which options I wanted, such as whether or not to get unlimited revisions and whether or not I wanted the doll's head to actually bobble.  After those tough decisions were made, I uploaded two pictures (seen above and below) which clearly showed the person's face and body that I wanted recreated on the doll.

And yes, if you are wondering, that is a shiny, green silk shirt, green cowboy hat and green CHAPS that my father-in-law is wearing in the picture below.  This was how he dressed for the annual Edsel meet, since the Ford Edsel's logo is green.  (I told you he was one-of-a-kind!)

Shamrock Shelley Cleaver

After that was taken care of, the talented artists at went to work.  They began sculpting his head and body individually and when they thought they got it right, they would then email me to approve their work.  I was amazed at how fast they worked as well as how accurate they were with Shelley's face.  I never asked them to correct anything with his face.  They got it completely right the first time!

The only problems I had with the doll's mold was with the state of Texas sunglasses and cowboy hat.  For some reason, the artists just couldn't get the shape of the state of Texas right and we had to go back and forth on that one  a few times.  They also didn't seem to0 familiar with the shape of a cowboy hat either, but once those details were set right, the bobblehead doll came to life in no time.

Because this can happen from time to time, I definitely recommend purchasing the unlimited revisions option when creating your unique bobblehead doll.  This way, you can rest assured that the doll will come out exactly as you envisioned it!

Shamrock Shelley Cleaver

The body was done right the first time too and so once the molds were confirmed, it was time to paint the doll.  Once again, I was impressed by the efficiency of the artists and how good they were at creating this masterpiece.  I simply told them to paint his cowboy hat green instead of white and add an Edsel logo to the shirt pocket and belt buckle, and VOILA!  An instant classic was born!

Michael and I plan on giving this to Shelley for Father's Day and I know he's going to be elated!  Michael was fascinated by this bobblehead doll from and said that he wouldn't be surprised if his father would want to be buried with this doll.  Now, if that's not a ringing endorsement for a wonderful present, then I don't know what is!

1MiniMe exceeded my expectations with the quality, professionalism and craftsmanship they showed when creating this custom bobblehead doll.  If you want to give someone special an absolutely unique gift, then don't hesitate to create something original at 1MiniMe!

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Disclosure:  I received the customized DIY bobblehead doll from in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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