Review - AudioGlove iPhone 4/4S Volume Boosting Retractable Cell Phone Case


AUDIOGLOVE iPhone 4 CaseAs I'm sure you're aware, Apple has literally changed the game with the release of the iPhone.  This little technological wonder can do almost everything now...even tell you jokes!   :laugh:  It's a device we're quickly finding ourselves depending on more and more, from scheduling our daily agenda, to sending/receiving emails, texts and calls, making lists, providing directions, etc.  The only problem?  Sometimes, it's difficult to hear or be heard while using the iPhone.

Well, necessity is truly the mother of invention, and a Portland inventor named Falco Freeman found the perfect solution to the almost-perfect iPhone.  His invention, the AudioGlove, provides a way to both protect your phone from harm as well as amplify the speaker and microphone.  Keep reading to learn more!

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AUDIOGLOVE iPhone Volume Boosting Case AUDIOGLOVE iPhone Volume Boosting Case

The AudioGlove iPhone 4/4S Volume Boosting Cell Phone Case is one of those forehead slapping devices which makes you say, "Now why didn't I think of that?"  It actually serves two purposes: to protect your iPhone from injury and to amplify both the speaker and mic while reducing background noise and wind.

AudioGlove iPhone CaseIt's composed of polycarbonate, just like bullet-proof glass and motorcycle helmets, and can definitely protect your iPhone in the event of a fall.  But if you are using your iPhone and would like the audio to be louder while watching a video, listening to your favorite song, or chatting it up with a friend, just slide out the retractable portion of the AudioGlove case and receive over 10 more decibels of sound!

The technology here is incredibly simple.  The AudioGlove iPhone Case basically acts as a megaphone when the retractable portion is extended.  The sound is funneled both in and out of this portable megaphone which increases both your speaker and your mic by 20%. Don't believe that something as simple as a retractable cell phone case could boost sound levels that much?  Check out the following video to see the science in action!



As you can see, the AudioGlove iPhone 4/4S Volume Boosting Cell Phone Case is a sleek and stylish way to instantly boost the volume levels coming from your phone as well as protect it from the dings and bangs that result from regular use.  If you're an iPhone user, then be sure to outfit your technological wonder with an AudioGlove and make a near-perfect device absolutely perfect!



5 Star Review
Disclosure: I received an AudioGlove Volume Boosting iPhone 4/4S Case in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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