Review - Baby Pink Rocking Poodle from Hayneedle

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HayneedleClassic toys are timeless and no matter how many generations may pass, children will always love the classics. Of course, these toys can get a fun, new update from time to time too, and that's what I found at Hayneedle when looking for a high-quality rocking horse for my daughter.

Both my husband and I had rocking horses when we were young and we absolutely adored them. I just knew that my daughter would enjoy this classic toy as well, and I was thrilled to see the large selection of rocking horses and rocking animals at Hayneedle. Keep reading to find out more about the Baby Pink Rocking POODLE!

I reviewed the Baby Pink Rocking Poodle from Hayneedle, which retails for $74.99.

I was absolutely thrilled when I first laid eyes on the large selection of both rocking horses and rocking animals at Hayneedle. They had so many interesting and cute plush characters to choose from, that picking one out for Riley seemed impossible. Riley is a true animal lover at heart and I just knew that she would have liked any number of the rocking animals, such as Jessie the Giraffe, Carlton Cow or even Scooby Doo himself!

Finally, I decided to choose the Baby Pink Rocking Poodle, because it was so adorable, so girly and yet so cool! I mean, whoever heard of a rocking pink poodle?

Pink Rocking Horse from Hayneedle Personalized Elephant Rocking Animal from Hayneedle


The rocking horses that my husband and I had were definitely nothing like the one Riley received from Hayneedle. Ours were constructed of a hard plastic, along with metal and wood, and Michael's even had the kind with the large metal frame and dangerous pinching springs!

The Baby Pink Rocking Poodle, on the other hand, was completely different. The entire toy was constructed of a super soft and plush stuffed animal with wooden handles and wooden rockers, which were painted black to match the poodle's nose and eyes. The detailing on the stuffed poodle herself was great! She had the biggest, poofiest pink tail and the tiny curly-cue hair around her legs, chest, ears and head was just perfect.

What's more, this poodle even had a button on her left ear, that when pushed, would issue forth several dog barks! The ability to make this poodle bark really seemed to tickle Riley's fancy.

Assembly also couldn't have been easier, for all that was required was to unwrap the protective packing material from around the rocker itself and screw in the two wooden handles to either side of the pooch's head. It was good that assembly was quick, because Riley was jumping up and down the entire time and couldn't wait to get on and ride!

Baby Pink Plush Poodle Rocking Animal from Hayneedle Baby Pink Plush Poodle Rocking Animal from Hayneedle
Baby Pink Plush Poodle Rocking Animal from Hayneedle Baby Pink Plush Poodle Rocking Animal from Hayneedle


Riley couldn't love her new Baby Pink Rocking Poodle more! She rides it frequently throughout the day and usually sits on it and rocks while watching her favorite show, Sesame Street. It's so cute to see and so reassuring to know that while the world may be constantly changing, some things will always stay the same...rocking horses are forever! :)

If you have a little one who is looking to rock, then don't hesitate to check out the vast selection of rocking horses and rocking animals from Hayneedle. With so many high-quality choices to choose from, there's no doubt that you will succeed in picking a new friend for your child that they will absolutely love!

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Disclosure:  I received the Baby Pink Rocking Poodle from Hayneedle in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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