Review - BabyPop Designs Children's Superhero Cape and Mask

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BabyPop DesignsChildren have wonderful imaginations and love to play dress-up!  My daughter just can't wait to wear every hat, piece of jewelry or pair of shoes she can get her hands on, so that her imagination can take off.  BabyPop Designs has created an entire line of superhero gear for your little one, which looks great and is very affordable.

Since I've always considered Riley my superhero, with the talents of shattering silence and busting boredom in a single bound, I'm glad that she would finally have the appropriate gear to suit her skills!

I reviewed the Children's Superhero Cape and Mask from BabyPop Designs, which retails for $16.00 and $4.50, respectively.

Riley had the opportunity to review the personalized superhero cape from BabyPop Designs, which was designed especially for her.  The cape itself is made from premium satin and the large logo and initial are made from eco-friendly felt, appliqued to the back.  I was really pleased at how well Riley's "super emblem" came out, for it was much larger than I had anticipated.

It looked great and of course, Riley loved seeing the large "R" on the back of her cape.  I also liked how the cape is 22" long, which is a perfect length for Riley to swoop around in, but not long enough for her to get tangled up in.  The Velcro closure at the neck ensured that Riley could easily take her superhero cape on and off at will.

Of course, Riley's favorite part was probably the superhero lightning bolt mask!  She LOVED wearing this mask and even wanted to wear it out to the restaurant we were going to later.  I explained that even superheros didn't eat with their masks on because they might get food all over them.  After careful consideration, Riley thought that explanation to be logical enough and we were fortunate to take Peter Parker out to eat, instead of Spiderman.  :)

BabyPop Designs Superhero Cape and Mask BabyPop Designs Superhero Cape and Mask
BabyPop Designs Superhero Cape and Mask BabyPop Designs Superhero Cape and Mask
BabyPop Designs Superhero Cape and Mask BabyPop Designs Superhero Cape and Mask


Needless to say, Riley has really enjoyed both her superhero cape and lightning bolt mask from BabyPop Designs.  Since these items are both designed to fit children ages 2 to 7, I know my little superhero will be dressed to impress and ready for duty many years from now!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received a Children's Superhero Cape and Mask from BabyPop Designs in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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