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My Baby's Green

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Anyone with a small child knows how hard it can be to go out to eat and actually enjoy your meal.  Most of the time, Michael and I seem to take turns scarfing down our dinner while the other one keeps Riley entertained.  Now I do appreciate the way most restaurants will provide crayons and a coloring sheet for your child in order to help create a diversion, but unfortunately when you have a toddler, after a few scribbles the paper is all used up.

My Baby's Green is an eco-friendly company that has created a smart, innovative solution to the struggle for restaurant entertainment called the Designer Diner.  This invention not only provides endless entertainment, but can also be reused over and over again.  Keep reading to learn more about the item which will finally help you ENJOY your dinner!

I reviewed the Designer Diner from My Baby's Green, which retails for $21.95.

The moment I laid eyes on the Designer Diner from My Baby's Green, I just knew that this was a must-have item for me!  This product is absolutely ingenious for it is easy to carry, easy to use and very functional too.  The Designer Diner functions as an endless entertainment station on one side, for it contains a black chalkboard material which your little artist can draw on, and when the food comes and it's time to eat, simply flip the mat over to the placemat side.  This placemat side has a brightly colored pattern which will interest your child as well as easily wipe clean once meal time is over.

Designer Diner from My Baby's Green Designer Diner from My Baby's Green


The Designer Diner even has an inside pocket which contains a full-sized box of chalk.  This pocket is attached to the mat by a Velcro closure, so it can be easily removed.  The removable pocket is perfect for both younger and older children alike.  Younger children need the chalk to be removed so that they only have access to a FEW pieces instead of the whole box, which would be a recipe for disaster, and older children can remove the pouch so that the chalkboard mat becomes easier to draw on.

The Designer Diner also rolls up compactly and is secured with two pieces of beautiful ribbon so that it is quite convenient to carry in your baby bag or purse.  This toy would also be great for carrying on long car trips or even for keeping in a child's school backpack so that they can doodle while riding the school bus, etc.  I also love that the only materials you need to replenish with the Designer Diner is the chalk itself and possibly a small travel chalkboard eraser.  Both of these items are very inexpensive and can be found at the local dollar store.

Designer Diner from My Baby's Green Designer Diner from My Baby's Green


If you are looking for a wonderful toy this Christmas that is both eco-friendly, inexpensive and appreciated by both parents and children alike, then run don't walk, to My Baby's Green and purchase the Designer Diner!  This is one product that has been expertly designed and is sure to provide hours upon hours of creative enjoyment for children of all ages.

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Disclosure: I received the Designer Diner from My Baby's Green in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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