Review - BARBAR Hair Tools BAR-1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo

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BARBAR Hair ToolsThrough the years, I've come to learn several things to be true and one of them is the saying, "You usually get what you pay for".  I don't know how many times, when I was younger, that I would buy the cheapest item made only to be sorely disappointed later.

Just recently, I discovered the major differences in curling irons and flat irons and how the cheap models of these are actually destroying your hair!  Thankfully, I had the chance to review one of the premium tourmaline curling iron / flat iron combos carried by BARBAR Hair Tools, the BAR-1900.  Keep reading to learn much more about the cordless combo which will style AND protect your hair in a jiffy!

I reviewed the BAR-1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo from BARBAR Hair Tools, which retails for $145.00.
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The BARBAR 1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo includes both a tourmaline plate flat iron and curling iron.  Go completely cord free in less than 3 minutes!  Just look at some of the features of this super cute pink/white cordless combo styling set from BARBAR Hair Tools:
  • Heats up in just 2 to 3 minutes
  • 5-minute usage time
  • 1" tourmaline plate flat iron
  • 1" tourmaline barrel curling iron
  • Heats up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rechargeable base
  • One year limited warranty

BAR 1900 Tourmaline Cordless ComboNow, the website states that the curling iron is a 1" curling iron, but I couldn't find anywhere on the actual packaging to confirm this.  Personally, the barrel seems awful narrow and I think it is more like a 1/2" barrel on the curling iron.

I really liked being able to operate both of these tools without any cords getting in the way.  I don't know how many times I end up fussing when I do one side of my hair, because the cord gets in the way of what I'm doing.

I've bleached my hair for years and realize that this chemical treatment puts a lot of stress on my tresses.  I was thrilled to learn that the BAR 1900 Cordless Combo contains a tourmaline ceramic barrel, which blocks the damaging radiation and protects my hair with a layer of negative ions.

The tourmaline barrel is actually part of what makes the BAR-1900 curling iron and flat iron combo a professional-grade product.  Metal plated curling irons and flat irons are not recommended as these irons may fry your hair due to the positive ions produced by the metal.  Often, the metal curling and flat irons damage the hair when used over a long period of time.

Metal irons neither produce the evenly controlled heat nor are able to give softer and more shaped curls.  On the other hand, a tourmaline ceramic curling iron or flat iron is more efficient and is able to produce more evenly controlled heat.  A professional-grade styling iron, such as the BAR-1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo, is also guaranteed to style any type of hair very well.

Just be aware though, that you don't have the ability to adjust the temperature of either the flat iron or the curling iron.  Both of these irons heat up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit, which should work well with most hair types, but may be too hot if you have very fine hair.  The only other downside is that these irons will only hold a charge for around 4 minutes at a stretch.

After that, it is advised that they be placed back in their base momentarily to charge.  Personally, this didn't pose a problem for me, for I frequently alternate back and forth between curling iron and flat iron when I style my hair.  If you have a lot of hair and will only be using, say the flat iron, at one time, then you may be slightly disappointed in having to wait for your styling tool to recharge.

If you'd like an effortless way to style your hair without getting trapped and tangled in all of those electrical cords, while also protecting it from heat damage, then I recommend giving the BAR-1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo a try.  This professional-grade curling iron / flat iron set will lock in moisture and shine due to its tourmaline barrel and plate.  I found that this styling duo gave me long-lasting curls and plenty of volume which were quick and easy to achieve.  My hair looked fabulous all day...and who can put a price tag on that?  :awe:

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure: I received the BARBAR 1900 Tourmaline Cordless Combo from BARBAR Hair Tools in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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