Review - Boon Inc. Oval Animal Bag ~ Super Neat Stuffed Animal Storage

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Here's a riddle for you:  What's the one thing that your child has way too many of, but will be the last thing they will actually want to part with?  The answer...STUFFED ANIMALS!  I know when I was a child, I had so many that I could actually cover my entire bed with them. Long after my Barbie dolls and other childhood toys were given away, my stuffed animals remained on my bed all the way until Jr. High.

For some reason, I just couldn't seem to part with them!  I talked to my husband about this recently and he even admitted that he still had his stuffed animals up until middle school too.  So, what should you do with these treasured toys that are going to be in your child's life for quite some time?  Well, Boon Inc. has an ingenious idea...turn them into the stuffing for a very unique bean-bag like chair!

I reviewed the Oval Animal Bag in Pink from Boon Inc., which retails for $59.99.

Riley's only 22-months old and already has a huge stuffed animal collection!  The picture below only shows the stuffed animals that she actually plays with in the living room.  She still sleeps with about ten others and has many more than that displayed on shelves and dresser tops in her bedroom.  So I was so happy to receive the Boon Inc. Oval Animal Bag, because I knew that we could definitely put this to VERY good use!

I was very impressed at the quality of the Boon Inc. Oval Animal Bag!  When I took it out of the packaging, I immediately noticed how well this bag was sewn together and the heavy-duty zippers used on the four see-through mesh windows around the bag.  The zippers all had large kid-friendly pink grips on them so that it would be very easy for Riley to open and close in order to retrieve her favorite toy.  The pink plush material was super soft and comfy too!

I rubbed my hand over it and then found myself rubbing my face on it because it was just so inviting and luxurious!  The mesh material used to make the four windows in the Oval Animal Bag was very heavy-duty too.  I don't think for one minute that this bag is going to rip or tear no matter how rough Riley is with it.  Something that might finally be able to withstand Riley's abuse?  AMAZING!

I love how Boon Inc. thought to actually include four windowed compartments with this bag so that you don't have to dig and dig to find one particular toy.  These windows make your chair look different too depending on what animals are exposed at which window.  It was very easy to flip this seat around and then locate the exact stuffed animal you wanted to get to and remove it easily.

As you can see, this Oval Animal Bag will hold a LOT of stuffed animals too!  All of the animals we had in the living room barely filled up half of this bag.  When it's full, it will look more like the second picture below.  My daughter still thought it was too cool to see all her stuffed animals in the Boon Inc. Oval Animal Bag!  She loved opening and closing the zippered windows and taking her animals in and out of the bag.  She also loved laying on the bag...I imagine because it is just so soft and cuddly!

I absolutely adore functional toys that serve a purpose for both parent and child and Boon Inc. has hit a home run with the Oval Animal Bag!  This toy makes Riley happy for now she can have all her stuffed animals in one location and these animals are very easy to find and remove when she wants to play with a specific one.

The bonus is that she's also now received a very plush, beautiful and fun chair too, perfect for reading a book on or watching her favorite episode of Sesame Street with.  The bonus for me is that now Riley's stuffed animals are not spread out all over the floor, taking up a ton of space.  I love to try and keep my house organized and clutter-free and Boon Inc. just made that possible with no tears or fuss whatsoever!

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Disclosure:  I received the Oval Animal Bag in Pink from Boon Inc. in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


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