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Butt BenchIn the shower versus bath debate, I've been a shower girl for as far back as I can remember.  There's one thing though, that I've never been able to do comfortably in the shower and that's shave my legs.  I hate trying to balance on one leg while holding one leg up in the air in various weird positions.  It's not safe and it's definitely not effective...just look at the many "missed" spots on my legs for proof!

Maybe I'm the epitome of lazy, but I've SERIOUSLY considered purchasing one of those bath seats with the rubber stoppers on the legs which sit inside the bathtub itself.  Now these seats are designed for the handicapped and the elderly, but honestly, I've come THIS CLOSE to owning one myself, just so that I could shave my legs while sitting down.

Thankfully, there's an aesthetically pleasing and age-appropriate solution to my problem...the Butt Bench!  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the following items from Bath Extras, LLC:

12" Butt Bench in Cedar, which retails for $52.95

12" Butt Bench in Pine, which retails for $43.95

Butt Bench Bath Safety Seat

The Butt Bench is a patent-pending bath seat made of natural wood which serves a variety of purposes in the bathroom.  It comes in two different widths (12" and 15") and several different finishes to match almost any decor.  This seat rests sturdily on three sides of your bathtub and requires no permanent installation.  It is secured to the tile wall of your bathroom via two suction cups.  These suction cups ensure that the Butt Bench will not slide around once you sit on top of it.

Butt Bench Bath Safety Seat

Installation was an absolute breeze and I loved that I wasn't required to do any permanent drilling or damage to my tile wall.  All that I needed to make sure of was that neither suction cup aligned with the grout lines of my tile.  In order for the suction cup to adhere securely, it needed a flat space of tile to stick to.  I was lucky and didn't need to adjust the position of the two suction cups at all, but if you do, they are very easy to slide back and forth and then tighten when you get the correct configuration for your particular bathroom.

Butt Bench Bath Safety Seat

I received the 12" size Butt Bench which consists of four planks of wood.  The 15" size is a little deeper, containing five planks of wood instead.  Our guest bathroom has dark brown accents coupled with dark brown trim and I thought that the Butt Bench in Cedar looked perfect!  I also loved the high quality and natural beauty of the finished wood used.  This bench was extremely sturdy to sit on and didn't wobble or slip in the least.

Butt Bench Bath Safety Seat

The only criticism I have of the Butt Bench is that it doesn't play well with a shower liner.  I used this bath seat while taking a shower and found that if I tucked the back half of our shower liner outside of the tub while I used this seat, a lot of water got on the floor.  The best solution I found was to fold just the back corner of the liner onto itself while keeping it inside the tub.  This way I had plenty of room to sit, yet the bathroom floor stayed dry.



Shaving my legs was so easy and effortless with the Butt Bench!  I could get to all of those tricky spots I normally miss while doing my "balancing act" and I had a comfortable place to sit while the conditioner soaked into my hair.  Now that I have the Butt Bench, I can give myself quick pedicures too.  Sloughing off that dead skin around the heel area will be quick and easy.  Even Riley loved the Butt Bench!  She used it as a toy platform while taking a bath.

Now all of her bath toys had a much wider stage to play on.  Also, because it's not permanently installed, I can take it out completely if I ever take a bath or move it to another location or bathroom if need be.  The Butt Bench is a win-win situation and has stopped my desire to purchase a granny bath seat!  :laugh:

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure: I received the Butt Bench in both Cedar and Pine from Bath Extras, LLC in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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