Review - Chalk Talk Glass Pint and Wine Glasses ~ Label Your Drink Any Way You Want to

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Chalk Talk GlassEver had a party where beer or wine was served and discovered that after a few drinks, you were drinking out of someone else's glass?  Personally, that's happened to me a million times.

You could try using those wine charm gadgets around the stems, but even then, after a few drinks, you might forget which design you had to begin with and you're right back to drinking out of someone else's glass.  Now, there's a fun and unique way to label your personal drink with glasses from Chalk Talk Glass.  Keep reading to find out more!

I reviewed the Go Team Pint Glass and Great Grapes Wine Glass from Chalk Talk Glass, which are sold in sets of two for $25.00.
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Chalk Talk Glass

Chalk Talk Glasses contain a small rectangle of chalkboard paint applied to each glass with a thin silver border around it.  They sell both wine glasses and pint glasses in a variety of designs.  I personally had the opportunity to review one Go Team Pint glass and one Great Grapes Wine glass.

Chalk Talk Glasses Chalk Talk Shamrock Pints


Personally, I thought these glasses were a great idea and would be an instant hit at our next gathering.  But I have to admit that I was a little disappointed at how crooked the paint was applied to the pint glass I received, and how the wine glass's painted rectangle was narrower at one end.  Of course, any time that you are purchasing hand-painted goods, there will always be slight differences here and there to the applied design.

I also wished that the painted surface on each glass was a little larger, because I could definitely see my friends and I trash-talking back and forth on these glasses, besides just using the chalk to write our names on them.  For instance, how much fun could you have if, while playing a game of pool, you could inadvertently write "What a loser!" on your glass, only to have your opponent look up and know you were talking about them?  I don't even want to know what my husband and his buddies would write while watching an NFL football game together, but there would definitely be loads of laughs involved!

Chalk Talk Wine Glasses Chalk Talk Glass


Chalk Talk Glass also has several holiday-themed designs that are offered throughout the year.  You can always get heart glasses near Valentine's Day, shamrock glasses near St. Patrick's Day and holly glasses near Christmas.  They also offer custom designs, if you are so inclined, and even have a new paw-print design, with proceeds from the sale of these glasses going to a local dog rescue program.

If you are looking for an instant conversation piece and a great way for your guests to remember which glass is theirs at your next get-together, then I definitely recommend checking out Chalk Talk Glass.  Their unique pint and wine glasses will be the talk of the party!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received a Pint Glass and Wine Glass from Chalk Talk Glass in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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