Review - CitiBlocs Eco-Friendly Wooden Building Blocks

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CitiBlocsIn this day and age of electronics and technology, it's easy for children to rely less and less on their own imaginations.  So many games and toys on the market today supply most all of the creativity and ingenuity for kids, thus hindering their own talents in the process.

That's why it's refreshing to find a company who has set out to take a classic toy, such as building blocks, and strive to make it even better.  I recently had the chance to review the new CitiBlocs Precision Cut Building Blocks with Riley.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the CitiBlocs Precision Cut Building Blocks in Hot Colors (100 pc. set) from CitiBlocs, which retail for $24.99, but are currently on sale for $19.60 with FREE SHIPPING.

CitiBlocs Precision Cut Building Blocks

Citiblocs are high quality wooden construction blocks which inspire both traditional building and modern design.  The secret behind Citblocs is that every piece is exactly the same shape and size.  Each block is precisely cut from Grade A Radiata Pine from certified renewable forests in New Zealand.  Citiblocs building requires no glue, no snaps, no connectors and no magnets: just gravity, balance and imagination.

Building with Citiblocs is simple: stack one block on top of another.  Their specific size and shape and weight allows building that is simply not possible with other building toys.  Build a small cabin by the lake or a tower that reaches the stars!

Citiblocs are recommended for children ages 3 years old and up.  Citiblocs are certified safe and non-toxic and have been tested and approved according to all Consumer Product Safely Improvement Act (CPSIA) regulations.

Each block is cut to the exact proportions of a 1:3:5:15 ratio.  This ratio is fundamental to the realization of most any desired creation.  Since the only input is gravity, each block must be precisely cut in order to stand up allowing you to reach unbelievable heights.  The proportions of CitiBlocs precision-cut blocks is the key to every building achievement.  These building blocks are all the same size – measuring approximately .25 inches thick x 1 inch wide x 4.5 inches long

CitiBlocs Precision Cut Building Blocks

Riley absolutely loved playing with her new CitiBlocs Wooden Building Blocks and especially liked the bright, lively colors used in this set.  Her creations right now are slightly limited because she is not even three years old, but I could already see those little gears in her head turning as she was designing what she would build next.  Turning gears is what any parent lives for!  :thumbs up:

These precision cut blocks will give Riley years of enjoyment and are extremely tough and durable.  I actually have a few sets of wooden blocks still around from when I was a kid and I can definitely see the CitiBlocs wooden building blocks falling into that category too!

The great thing about CitiBlocs is that they are just as fun for parents to play with as for your children.  I must admit that sometimes I get rather bored playing with Riley, for her toys just don't capture my attention and imagination the way they do hers.  With CitiBlocs, I find myself enthralled with planning my creation and then balancing and placing each block so as to realize my design.  I honestly can't say that for very many toys designed for a three year old child.

CitiBlocs Precision Cut Building Blocks

If you want an extremely fun building set guaranteed to challenge your child's creativity and imagination for years to come, then I highly recommend the CitiBlocs Precision Cut Building Blocks.  There are plenty of different colors and quantities to choose from, including natural, hot colors, cool colors, camo, black and white and even glow in the dark!  Both boys and girls alike will love building virtually any design they can dream of with CitiBlocs!

Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the CitiBlocs Precision Cut Building Blocks (Hot Colors 100 pc. Set) from CitiBlocs in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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