Review - Cool Gear EZ-Freeze StayFit Lunch 2 Go and Snack Stacker

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Cool Gear International Inc.Taking healthy food options on the go isn't always easy.  There's the issue of keeping your snack or lunch the right temperature as well as making it virtually spill proof so as to withstand the bumps and bounces of traveling.

Thankfully, there's a company called Cool Gear International Inc. which sells a wide variety of high-quality travel containers designed to make carrying any type of food quick and easy.  I recently had the chance to review three of their EZ-Freeze StayFit containers.  Keep reading to learn more!

I reviewed the following containers from Cool Gear International, Inc:

EZ-Freeze StayFit Lunch 2 Go, which retails for $8.99

EZ-Freeze StayFit Snack Stacker, which retails for $5.99

EZ-Freeze StayFit Deluxe Cereal Kit, which retails for $8.99

Cool Gear International EZ-Freeze StayFit Deluxe Cereal Kit

I don't know why, but I am totally addicted to breakfast cereals!  I eat cereal at least once a day, as either a small meal or a snack.  When I was working away from home, I missed not being able to take my cereal with me, but I never knew there was a quick and convenient way to do so...until now.  The EZ-Freeze StayFit Deluxe Cereal Kit from Cool Gear International, has everything you need to enjoy a bowl of cereal on the run.

The EZ-Freeze Milk Cup has gel built inside the walls so as to keep your cup of milk ice cold.  The cereal bowl will hold up to 18 oz. of your favorite dry cereal and the snap-on cover securely covers the dry cereal and holds the milk cup while traveling.  They even thought to make an easy pour spout for the milk cup so that there's absolutely no mess and this Deluxe Cereal Kit comes complete with a folding spoon too.  I love how handy this container is and also how now it's possible to enjoy a wonderful bowl of cereal absolutely anywhere!

Cool Gear International EZ-Freeze StayFit Snack Stacker

The EZ-Freeze StayFit Snack Stacker seemed to be made for my daughter, Riley.  She is quite the snacker and we are always packing healthy snack choices for her when we travel, but sometimes it's hard to take her favorites along, like yogurt and applesauce.  The Snack Stacker contains three different kinds of cups for three different snacking options.  The smallest cup has a seal tight lid which is perfect for dry snacks like trail mix, peanuts, etc.

The second cup has an EZ-Freeze gel-filled lid which is designed to keep most prepackaged applesauce and fruit cup containers nice and cold.  Finally, the bottommost cup has a gel-filled double wall container which is designed to hold most 6 oz. yogurt cups.  Since this is primarily what we want to take with us for Riley when we travel, the Snack Stacker is literally the perfect solution!

Cool Gear International EZ-Freeze StayFit Lunch 2 Go

Finally, Cool Gear International even has the perfect product for my husband, the EZ-Freeze StayFit Lunch 2 Go.  My husband is a perpetual brown-bagger and is always trying to pack a satisfying lunch for himself to take to work.  With the Lunch 2 Go, it couldn't be any easier to do!  The three compartment bottom tray serves so that he can easily pack a main course and 2 sides or even a sandwich and two sides.

If taking a sandwich, it's best to wrap it first in a Ziploc bag so that the condensation from the EZ-Freeze lid doesn't make it soggy.  What's really cool about the lid (besides the fact that it's gel-filled), is that it also has a flip-up compartment which stores a set of eating utensils too.  Now that's one handy lunch container and my husband loves using it everyday!

The three products I reviewed are just a small sample of the innovative and practical items from Cool Gear International.  If you frequently eat on the run and wish that you had a quick and easy way to transport healthy food options, then I highly recommend shopping the affordable selection at Cool Gear International!

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Disclosure:  I received the EZ-Freeze StayFit Lunch 2 Go, Snack Stacker and Deluxe Cereal Kit Containers from Cool Gear International Inc. in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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