Review - DXG USA Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder

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DXG USA - The Digital Camera CompanyIn this day and age, a digital camera and camcorder no longer seem like little luxuries, but more like daily essentials.  I think I would be absolutely lost if I didn't have a great camera/camcorder at my side, because with a blog and a super cute three year old, I have more photo ops then I know what to do with!  :big grin:

Portability is one of the features we all search for when purchasing a digital camera/camcorder, which is why I was so excited to learn of the Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder from DXG USA.  This tiny camcorder could actually fit in your shirt pocket with room to spare.  Now that's portable!  Keep reading to learn more about the device which will capture life's important moments in a snap!

I reviewed the DXG-5C8VV Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder in Violet Riviera from DXG USA, which retails for $199.99.

DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder

The DXG Luxe 1080p Ultra Slim HD Camcorder combines HD technology and style in one device that's hip, hot and haute.  It features a classic design that is inspired by the latest trends in fashion and will complement anyone's taste and personal style.  This camcorder records real 1080p high definition video and captures still pictures up to 12 megapixels.  It also boasts a 3" touchscreen display and an HDMI interface so it can easily be connected to your HDTV.  This camcorder comes with everything you need to start recording your precious memories immediately.

DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder
DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder

Right away, I was amazed at just how small, thin and light the DXG Luxe 1080p camcorder was.  Finally, a device that I can carry around in my pocket so that I can capture absolutely everything that comes my way.  I liked the overall style of this camcorder, though I wasn't crazy about the gold accents throughout.  I was crazy, however, about the matching, quilted clutch that comes complete with the DXG Luxe 1080p.  This small chic, carrying case was so darling that I almost had to fight my daughter to the death to keep it!  :rofl:

The buttons on the side operate most of this camcorder's functions, along with a nifty 3" touchscreen.  This was extremely handy and I found myself gravitating toward using the touchscreen and steering away from the buttons the more and more I used this device.  This camcorder has a night mode and even a permanent flash button that can greatly improve the quality of both your photos and your video in low-light situations.

Sample Pictures:

DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder
DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder

Although the DXG Luxe 1080p is extremely easy to use and navigate, I found myself slightly disappointed at the quality of its photos.  Since there isn't an image stabilizing feature or other motion setting on this camera, I found that I took many more blurry photos than crisp, sharp ones.  Moving targets, such as my daughter and dog, were virtually impossible to capture clearly and even inanimate objects, like my pot rack, didn't come out as clear as I'd hoped, probably due to my hand shaking slightly.

You will also need to purchase an SD card of some sort to use with this camera, for the internal memory of 128 Mb won't really work for capturing video.  I also had trouble connecting this camcorder directly to my PC using the included USB cord.  For some reason, my computer doesn't recognize this device at all, so I have to take out my SD card from the camcorder and load it into my laptop each time I want to upload my pictures and video.

I was happy with the quality of video taken by the DXG Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder, for I thought that even in low-light situations, the video was pretty good.  The audio in the clip below isn't perfect, but our bathroom tends to throw an echo somewhat which might have interfered with the taping.

Sample Video:

If you'd like to capture all of life's precious moments anytime, anywhere, then check out the super small and portable Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder from DXG USA.  Share plenty of memories with family and friends this holiday season with one of the easiest to use camcorders on the market!



Product Review 4 Stars
Disclosure:  I received the DXG-5C8VV Luxe 1080p HD Ultra Slim Camcorder in Violet Riviera from DXG USA in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.
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